Black bear

In this 2009 file photo, a small black bear looks out from the weeds in Bristol, Tennessee.

City police offer tips after bear sightings in Boonsboro area

The Lynchburg Police Department said it continues to receive information about bear sightings in the Boonsboro area, specifically in the Bedford Hills neighborhood.

“While bear-related incidents can be frustrating and unnerving, there are practical steps our community can take to peacefully coexist with these beautiful animals,” police spokesperson Carrie Dungan said in the release.

Police offered the following tips:

“Be mindful to remove food attractants such as bird feeders, garbage and pet food from around the residence.

“Store garbage in a garage, shed, or in a bear-proof container until trash pick-up day.

“Black bears are very skilled at climbing, including elevated decks. It’s important to remove food attractants from those locations as well to include bird feeders and cat food.

“Talk to neighbors and friends to remind them to follow these tips.”

— Matt Busse

Reach Busse at (434) 385-5534.

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