LNA 06042016 Brookville Grad

Students prepare to receive their diplomas at Brookville High School's graduation Friday at Liberty University's Vines Center. Photo by Alex Rohr

Valedictorian: Yubin “James” Lim

Salutatorian: Geoffrey Paul Dill

Number of graduates: 217

Speakers: J. Thomas Cole, principal, Ashlyn Booth, Yubin “James” Lim, Geoffrey Dill


Booth: “I wish you the strength to face challenges with confidence along with the wisdom to choose your battles carefully. I wish you adventure on wherever your journey takes you, and that you always stop to help someone along the way. I hope you all always remember how much you are loved.”

Dill: “Whether we continue with family tradition or try something new, they want us to make a difference in the world, no matter how small. They want us to give our resources and our time to people in need. They want us to be passionate about something beyond ourselves because in the end it’s not our status or our wealth that defines who we are, it’s the relationships we that develop and the lives we change. Therefore, class of 2016, I challenge you to do something relevant, something that will leave those around with a little more happiness and a little more hope.”

Lim: “Your life will always seem smaller when compared to another person who has more. This condition, called relative deprivation, will try to overtake you but do not be fooled. Be grateful for what you have and you will find true happiness.

Sights and sounds: Sparkles, stripes and all sorts of colors and designs graced the tops of graduation caps, creating placards advertising memories and goals. Brookville High School seniors’ families and friends clapped and cheered as men dressed in maroon and women clad in white crossed the stadium screen at Liberty University’s Vine Center as pomp and circumstance played Friday.

Notable memories: To start the ceremony, Principal J. Thomas Cole recognized two retiring teachers. He honored Daryl Knott, who started directing a show choir in 1985 before becoming a fulltime teacher in 1986. She went from teaching both English and chorus until she made the choir “so big we had to have a teacher all day, every day.”

Cole also honored K.H. Woodford, an English and Latin teacher and coach. Woodford, who graduated from Brookville High School in 1973 returned with a “desire to convey to students just how competitive the world is, what it takes to get a job and what it means to be responsible. … He wanted students to realize who they were or who they could be.”

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