A Lynchburg man will serve four years in prison for a series of carjackings last year.

Dante Lamont Hubbard, 25, was arrested June 27 when he crashed the stolen Ford Fusion he was driving into a pole by a Sheetz gas pump off New London Road.

Hubbard had been driving in a “wildly dangerous way” east on U.S. 460 when deputies with the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office pursued him, according to Lynchburg Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney Andrew Childress. Hubbard fled the scene on foot and was arrested soon afterward.

When interviewed by law enforcement, Hubbard confessed to stealing cars, Childress said at his sentencing hearing in Lynchburg Circuit Court Wednesday.

Two charges Hubbard pleaded guilty to in January, grand larceny and burglary, trace back to June 24, when he broke a window at Slayton’s Automotive off of Fort Avenue and took keys to a car there, according to Childress. Another grand larceny charge traces back to a separate automobile theft earlier in June 2018, adding up to what Childress called a “crime spree.”

Defense attorney Keith Orgera said punishment was warranted in his client’s case but asked for a sentence on the shorter end of recommended guidelines, saying Hubbard had a history of mental health problems and was someone the system had failed.

Childress acknowledged Hubbard’s mental health history and said his behavior seemed “childlike,” but added there is “no magic cure” for Hubbard’s lack of impulse control as an adult.

Between Hubbard’s three charges, Lynchburg Circuit Court Judge Ed Burnette sentenced him to a total of 15 years in prison with all but four and a half years to serve.

He’ll be on supervised probation after that for two years and need to be of good behavior for ten years. Burnette ordered Hubbard to follow through with any mental health or substance abuse treatment recommended for him after serving time, barred him from Slayton’s Automotive and from having contact with victims in the case.

Between the victims, Hubbard will also need to pay more than $3,500 in restitution.

Rachel Mahoney covers courts for The News & Advance. Reach her at (434) 385-5554.

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Rachel Mahoney covers courts for The News & Advance. Reach her at 434-385-5554.

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