A former Appomattox man is dating Britney Spears, according to several gossip sites.

TMZ and Perez Hilton, among others, have been reporting that David Lucado, who attended Appomattox County High School and graduated from Jefferson Forest High School, is the pop star’s new boyfriend (she split from fiancée Jason Trawick in January).

According to various online reports, Lucado recently moved from Atlanta to Los Angeles and was spotted with Spears on Valentine’s Day, leading to speculation of a romance.

At first, he was identified only as a “mystery man,” but by the end of last week, his name had gone public.

Earlier this week, Fox News reported that he works for a law firm in California, while wondering if Spears could “ever really make it work with a normal Joe?”

The U.K.’s Daily Mail has some grainy photos of the pair golfing, with headlines like “Britney Spears: Getting close to a normal guy named David” and “Britney Spears’ romance with her everyday Dave continues with golf date."

“The golfing thing makes total sense to me,” Lynchburg resident A.J. Lucadamo, who went to high school with Lucado, said Friday. “He was on the golf team here at JF. He moved to Atlanta, and I thought he was working at a country club or something down there."

Lucadamo said he hadn’t talked to Lucado for a couple of months and didn’t know that he’d moved to California. Like many former classmates who have been sharing the links on Facebook, Lucadamo was surprised to hear about the online reports.

“It’s still so shocking to me because he’s such a low-key guy. He’s really humble. He’s really nice. … He would do anything for you.”

Lucadamo said he doesn’t think Lucado is the type to enjoy the spotlight that comes with being seen with someone like Spears.

“All this media attention is probably just really driving him insane.”

“I sent him a text this morning,” Lucadamo added. “I didn’t really hear anything back from him at first. He said it had been crazy.”

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