The Amherst B-Team football squad finished the season with a perfect 7-0 undefeated record by closing out the season last week with a 6-0 victory against Liberty High School in Bedford.

The perfect record includes a total of 162 points scored, while Liberty Christian Academy was the only team to score off the B Teamers with 20.

“As coaches, to have our team go undefeated, it is an incredible feeling. We are extremely proud of how these young men handled themselves week in and week out,” said head coach Alex Dodgion. “The ultimate goal was not to go undefeated but to get better each week. This team worked hard every single day and not only got better each week, but ultimately exceeded those expectations by finishing the season perfect.”

B-Team stats:

» Jaizeon Hurt: 4 rushing touchdowns, 3 receiving touchdowns, 2 passing touchdowns, 2 defensive touchdowns

» John Goins: 1 rushing touchdown, 5 passing touchdowns

» Meshaud Vaughn: 5 rushing touchdowns

» Johnathan Stonelake: 3 receiving touchdowns, 1 defensive score

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