Amherst County High School’s theater program had a special audience on hand for an up close and personal view of their improvisational skills on Jan. 9.

The Amherst County School Board, which held its monthly meeting at the high school, took about 20 minutes to observe the drama students in their best form. Seated in two rows at the rear of the stage, the students took part in an improvisational exercise that led to the creation of several scenarios using phrases, places and professions such as “budget cuts,” Madison Heights and plumber.

The students created much laughter during a “Quad” exercise where they rotated places. Drama instructor Patricia Emmert said the goal of the improvisational exercise is for students to advance the scene and such acting on the spot can be difficult to perform.

“They make it look easy,” Emmert said.

The drama program held its Improv Night the following night on Jan. 10. Amherst County Public Schools Superintendent Rob Arnold thanked the students for showcasing their talents.

“If you have an hour and a half you can come see our show,” Arnold said to the students, referring the board’s meeting in progress, with a smile.

— Justin Faulconer

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