The Amherst County Sheriff's Office is alerting residents to be aware of a phone scam. 

The sheriff's office said Friday it has received several complaints from residents stating they received a phone call that said they missed federal grand jury duty and a caller identified himself as a sheriff's captain. 

The caller told people he has an active federal warrant for missing duty and instructed them to go to Food Lion and purchase two Visa loadable credit cards for certain amounts. The Amherst County Sheriff's Office said in a news release it does not conduct such activity and advises residents not to respond to any calls from any individuals asking for compensation for fines, jail sentences or warrants. 

The sheriff's office is investigating and urges residents to report any calls. The Amherst County Sheriff's Office can be reached at (434) 946-9381. 

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Reach Justin Faulconer at (434) 385-5551.

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