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The Scottish Inns in Madison Heights is nearing the demolition stage of a rehabilitation plan, according to a news release issued Feb. 7 by Amherst County.

The Amherst County Board of Supervisors voted Nov. 5 to authorize an agreement with Satya Narayan, of Narayan Properties, LLC, the site’s owner, on a rehabilitation plan following numerous complaints and blight concerns the county raised about the property. In September 2019 county officials sent Narayan a notice of a preliminary determination the property at 4512 South Amherst Highway is considered spot blight following a detailed investigation in the summer.

The preliminary determination was because of the site’s failure to pass property maintenance inspections, its significant health code and zoning violations and more than 100 calls for law enforcement and emergency services at the site in the past year, according to the county. The county found occupants were exceeding the limit for residing there and an unauthorized daycare was on site.

David Hawkins, an attorney representing the Narayan family, said the owners wanted to come up with an agreement rather than go into a legal battle and are excited about construction of a new facility.

According to the county’s Feb. 7 release, in just more than three months since the agreement the property owners have met all compliance milestones, including turning in their business license. The county’s department of building safety and inspections and the Amherst County Sheriff’s Office has conducted multiple inspections with the most recent taking place Feb. 7.

All furniture has been removed from the rooms and the building is being prepared for demolition, according to the county. The owners are accepting bids for the project and it is anticipated they will apply for appropriate permits when a contract is in place and once the structure is demolished they will be free to pursue the option of rebuilding if they choose to, the release said.

All demolition and possible reconstruction is being done at the owner’s expense, the release said. Under the agreement the owners were given 255 days to obtain demolition permits.

“County officials are pleased with how the rehabilitation plan is progressing and the property owner’s efforts to comply,” the county said in the release.

Reach Justin Faulconer at (434) 385-5551.

Reach Justin Faulconer at (434) 385-5551.

Reach Justin Faulconer at (434) 385-5551.

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