A Madison Heights man was sentenced to three years behind bars Wednesday for breaking into his grandparents’ Amherst County home and stealing items valued at $13,800.

Chase Patrick Goin, 28, pleaded guilty in Amherst Circuit Court in November to one count each of breaking and entering and grand larceny along with two other counts of distributing methamphetamine. At his Jan. 8 sentencing hearing, Judge Michael Garrett sentenced Goin to 60 years on the combined charges and suspended all but three years.

In July 2018 Goin broke into his grandparents’ house, walked into a bedroom and took a safe that had valuable items in it, the prosecutor, Nelson Commonwealth’s Attorney Daniel Rutherford, said of the evidence. Katherine Elizabeth Davidson, a co-defendant, in November pleaded guilty to one count of breaking and entering and was sentenced to a year and two months in jail, according to court records.

Chase Goin’s grandmother, Emma Goin, testified Goin took currency and valuable coins. Some of the items were antique and represented “a lot of memories,” she said in court. Chase Goin admitted in court to having a drug problem for the past few years, which Rutherford said was a driving factor in the break-in.

“I don’t know that Chase,” Emma Goin said in court of her grandson’s drug use.

She said the defendant sent her and her husband a heartfelt letter apologizing and she feels he is remorseful. “That’s punishment in itself, is the way I look at it,” she said of the money he is ordered to pay back as restitution.

Chase Goin testified he has been incarcerated for six months and he plans to stay away from drugs when he is released and “try to make up the time I lost to my family.”

Rutherford argued for a sentencing of three years and two months and said the defendant’s drug use lead to stealing. He said the estimated value of the stolen items the victims provided was conservative and likely is more than $13,800 figure.

Rutherford said Chase Goin was given leniency while in court for a few other previous offenses. “The history has shown for 12 years the breaks have not helped him,” Rutherford said. “... He has never had a severe consequence for his actions.”

Robert Goad III, Goin’s attorney, argued for a sentence of a year and nine months on the low end of the sentencing guidelines. He said Goin has taken responsibility and has a strong family support system for when he is released from incarceration. Amherst Commonwealth’s Attorney Lyle Carver said the significant prison time hanging over Goin is a deterrent to keep him from offending again.

Garrett told Goin he has had “break after break after break” in past incidents and he didn’t take advantage of them. He said the sentence could have been much more severe and warned him the sentencing guidelines will be much higher if he comes before him again.

“Words are hollow if you don’t follow through,” Garrett said.The judge credited Goin for time served to go toward his sentence and ordered 30 years of probation, most of which is supervised, and ruled the $13,800 in restitution must be paid, along with Davidson, by January 2027.

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