Some children from Amherst County are taking part in a national achery tournament in Louisville, Kentucky May 9 through 11.

Students from Amherst County Public Schools took part in the NASP state archery tournament held in Doswell on March 9. In that Bullseye competition the high school came in fourth place while the Amherst Arms Home School team came in ninth. Qualifying as individuals for the Nationals tournament were Colby West, Heather Saunders and Emily Wonder.

In the middle school division, Monelison Middle came in fourth with Colin Meeks, Jesse Smith, Adrianna Smith, Maggie Campbell and Katie Bloom qualifying as individuals. Amherst Middle came in fifth. Those making the top ten were Cayden Burch and Will Carver.

In the elementary school division, Amherst took all three top spots as well as fifth; Elon, Amelon, Amherst and Central elementary schools, respectively. Amherst Elementary boys took all top 10 spots: Logan Burch, Cohen Irvin, Larson Tomlin, Levi Campbell, Ruger Young, Colton Freeman, William Mays, Parker Williams and Braeden Hicks. Qualifying for the girls were Madison Weatherford, Emily Welch, Kynslee Wilson, Aneyah Henley and Cady Hall.

Amherst also had teams compete in the 3D tournament March 9. The high school team came in fourth place. Students qualifying as individuals included Heather Saunders and Emily Wonder. Monelison Middle’s team came in third place. Qualifying individuals included Timothy Casey, Jesse Smith, and Katie Bloom. Amherst Middle came in fourth with Will Carver, Cyden Burch, and Lauren Taylor qualifying. In the elementary division Amelon came in first place. Qualifying individuals include Ethan Begley, William Mays, Corbin Austin and Madison Weatherford.

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