Before the football season kicked off, the football players were not the only Nelson athletes getting ready for the new season.

While the players had the grass to workout on, the NCHS cheerleaders were holding their sixth cheer camp on the track surface, which is black and very hot.

The camp is under the direction of cheer coach Meaghan Cabot, who is not just trying to get youngsters and her regular cheerleaders to shake a pom-pom and cheer.

"It is important for our cheerleaders to understand how impactful they can be when doing events like this,"said Cabot. "Wearing that 'NC' on their chest automatically makes them role models, and they need to demonstrate their leadership skills in positive, meaningful ways. Coach [Amy] Leake and I absolutely think this helps our cheerleaders grow, and many of them serve as cheer coaches for our Youth Rec Cheer program."

Cabot said her girls have several goals while in the cheer program.

The three goals for this season: to give back to our community, to raise funds for various projects and to inspire our young girls in the county to consider cheer as their sport in high school.

Cabot explains this year's fund raiser project.

"Every year, the cheer team has a new goal they would like to accomplish, which normally comes with some cost," said Cabot. "In recent years, including this year, we are raising funds to help off-set the cost of preparing for and traveling for Game Day competition, through Universal Cheer Association, held Oct. 12th at Deep Run High School. "

This year's turnout was small compared to years past but Cabot and her girls did not let the low number kill their school spirit.

"While we wish to have had more participants this year, we are thankful for those cheerleaders we had and as always the continued support from our community," said Cabot.

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