The word fore is associated with golf as a warning yell when a ball is hit close to others but for the Govs golf team it’s the number four that describes this year's squad.

Four is the number of golfers that Nelson coach Scott McGarry has to work with this season.

“We were hoping to have six returning players, but two seniors opted for work release in their class schedules and therefore are not eligible to participate. A third player is involved year round with a commitment to his primary sport. The three remaining returners are back and so far one newcomer,” said McGarry.” We need four players to compete as a team. You are allowed to enter six in each match, so we hope to find a few more interested students early this week.”

McGarry added golf isn’t something that the county youth are growing up with during their elementary and middle school years.

“Golf is normally something very new to our high schoolers, and it is difficult to become consistently good,” said McGarry. “We just ask them to come out and give it a chance — most of them stay once we get them to the course with clubs in their hands at the driving range.”

With the low roster number each golfer will play every match and McGarry’s message to his team is, “Simply relax and play.”

“Our focus will be on 1 good swing at a time,” said McGarry. “You compete against yourself most of the time out there, so learn to just relax and go play.”

McGarry breaks down his team with comments.

Jacob Tomlin, third year senior: “Jacob has improved consistently during his time on the team. With good focus, he can provide steady results,” said McGarry.

Thomas Harris, second year senior: “Thomas was brand new to golf last year. He is showing daily improvements as he learns more about his swing and the game.”

Tucker Shannon, second year junior: “Tucker came out last year with some golf experience. His confidence continues to grow the more he plays and competes.”

Eli Hunt, first year junior: “Eli is brand new to golf this year. He has shown some good natural tendencies in his 3 days on the range and a few holes played. “

The Govs' first match is scheduled for August 20 at Chatham.

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