Letters to the Editor for Thursday, June 13, 2019

For those of you who may want to get rid of the Electoral College, I share this. America was founded as a constitutional republic. Despite all the brainwashing of the last 150 years claiming that the United States is a democracy, the truth of the matter is that we are absolutely a constitutional republic.

In a democracy the majority rules. Now imagine, for simplicity, a country composed of 20 people, 13 men and 7 women. In a democracy, the men could “vote” and claim that it is legal to rape women. You can apply this in many other ways with many other combinations, but the principle should become clear. The men and women who founded this country and its form of government were completely aware of the shortcomings of a democracy. They knew history, and they knew that all democracies ended up in failure.

The Electoral College was formed as a safeguard relative to the election of the president. It was to offer a balance relative to states with large populations versus the ones with small populations. If one wants to know more about the subject, it is easy to research via the internet. Our Founders never intended on a government based on majority rule. Never. We do use democratic principles within our branches of government, but the Constitution is supposed to be the law of the land.

We seem to be so wrapped up in our “Democrat vs. Republican” narrative. Why don’t we see that these are superficial elements? The fundamental discussion should be based on whether or not any elected official is living up to the oath that he or she took to uphold and defend the Constitution.

Martin Luther King Jr. said, “I would be the first to advocate obeying just laws. One has not only a legal but a moral responsibility to obey just laws. Conversely, one has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.”

Many of our elected officials could and should be impeached for their lack of upholding and defending the Constitution. Our ultimate goal in America used to be and should be liberty! When laws become the tool of the tyrant, then it becomes the duty of all of us, in every state, to oppose them.

The faults and shortcomings that we face are our responsibility. How many of us have bothered to read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights? We have failed to keep our elected officials in line. and only “We the people” can make things right. Don’t we see that the past four presidents, in spite of all their talk, have changed nothing for the better, relative to our individual liberties?



Climate, abortion and Mars

Well, another interesting week with the media continuing to hang on President Trump’s every word, like Pavlov’s dog waiting for another bone. One would think they’d learn that not all those bones are ones they can chew on; actually most of them are figments of his imagination only. I’m not even thinking of the right-wing nut-case media suggested by another writer last week, but CNN and other globally respected news sources. Incidentally, rather than look to right-wing or liberal news sources, try to get your stories from the AP or Reuters; both of these excellent nonpartisan news gatherers have web sites that disseminate the news as they gather it. I use both and several other international sources. Last week the most humorous reporting came with the president declaring the moon part of the planet Mars, throwing off thousands of scientists. Needless to say the moon and Mars are two separate bodies, usually separated by about 140 million miles.

The climate reports continue to pile in this year, suggesting that sea level rise is going to be a lot bigger problem than was acknowledged just a few years ago. The biggest increase by the end of the century is now projected to be approximately two meters or between 6 and 7 feet. Should this actually take place, civilization as we know it would be hard pressed to maintain any semblance of peace with estimates as high as 1 billion climate refugees on the move. and much of the East Coast, including major cities, would be flooded.

Many Republican-controlled state governments across the U.S. seek to make abortion impossible. I don’t know why the collective womanhood in the country doesn’t rise up and set these usually male organizations straight. I’m a male, but I’ve never met any woman who got pregnant to have an abortion. It is not a desired action; it is an act of desperation to avoid an even greater mistake in the future, the birth of an unwanted child. Every woman must make the decision, and many times she will not have the help of her conception partner. He has left her in the subservient position of bringing his child to term and may be off doing the same thing to others. and now he has legislators in his corner. This is bull waste, and we all know it.

Here in Nelson County, I’m encouraged by every day that goes by with Dominion Resources refraining from destroying the environment to build the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. This is another piece of unnecessary and potentially devastating fossil fuel infrastructure. Almost all fossil fuel infrastructure on the drawing boards is now obsolete as the planet must move to energy sources that do not further warm the atmosphere.

Much of the planet has already recognized that so one wonders who will buy all the fossil fuels this pipeline is projected to carry. Fewer people are in that queue with every day that passes, despite the Trump administration’s propaganda about “freedom gas.” If the state legislature changed the law mandating the ratepayers covering the cost of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline boondoggle plus profits, this project would immediately disappear. The real risk level of spending $10 billion on this mistake is already way above most investors’ willingness to tolerate. If Dominion wasn’t the biggest lobbying force in Richmond, perhaps the legislature would better serve the citizens rather than the corporatists.

I still firmly believe this pipeline will never be completed as I believe even the money-grubbing environmental terrorists of Dominion and their shareholders will recognize their responsibility for the additional atmospheric damage the pipeline will cause. I believe even they will, at some, point see beyond the immediate dollars to witness a cleaner, more sustainable planet. Dominion has already bought up all federally offered Virginia off-shore wind development leases, some 120,000 acres if memory serves me right. So far, they haven’t erected the first wind turbine out there; too busy trying to peddle fossil fuels. A change in management would do this corporation a world of good and it would be good for Virginia and the planet also.



We’re all just proles

It is easy to describe what is going on in Washington using George Orwell’s “1984” as a frame of reference. Why today is the Congress, the “Inner Party,” opposed to the leadership of the president? It has expressed no positive opinion about the good economy, the reduced unemployment numbers or improved GDP. It is opposed to the president being a factor in national leadership. All of the political attacks are character critiques of the president. The departments of the Executive Branch, the “Outer Party,” are a protected class as long as they do the Inner Party’s bidding. It is almost impossible to fire a “Deep State” government employee or for the president to identify employees acting in opposition to his executive authority.

President Obama recognized the basis of his election and yielded to the Inner Party. George W. Bush was an “Establishment man,” a long-standing member of the Inner Party, but he had to deal with 9/11. For 16 years the Inner Party had ruled, then along came Donald Trump who held that his task was to lead on behalf of the American people.

“We the people” have a serious problem, we are viewed by both the Inner and Outer parties as “proles” to be manipulated to the benefit of the Inner Party. If you are not a member of the Inner or Outer party, regardless of political party affiliation, you are a prole. It is unpleasant to have to acknowledge, but the past years of citizen failure to govern have delivered us to nothing more than characters in a book.



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