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Democrats scared of ‘I-word’

It’s so sad to see the Democratic Leadership so blind to the country they are living in.

Last weekend, House Majority Whip James Clyburn said they’d pursue impeachment when they had educated enough of the public to support it. He went on to ask, “Why should we get out in front of this process?” You get out in front because you’re the leadership or at least are supposed to be. My other message to Rep. Clyburn is that a great percentage of the Republican Party does not care what Trump does; I suspect he was very close to right when he bragged that he could shoot people on the street and not lose a vote.

Last week, Robert Mueller basically said President Trump was guilty of obstruction of justice, a felony for which ordinary citizens would be jailed, but his approval ratings are steady. These Republicans have made their choice when it comes to Trump or the Constitution. With Democratic leadership so reticent to even consider being leaders more of the populace will follow the big-mouthed felon. If 20 Democratic presidential candidates can’t get House Speaker Nancy Pelosi off the Democratic impeachment fence for a constitutionally mandated action, how do they expect to beat Trump in the election? They shouldn’t; without impeachment, there will be a big Trump win in 2020.

Rep. Denver Riggleman, where do you stand? Are you still supporting the clown even when his tariffs have cost the average American household more than $800 so far according to the New York Federal Reserve? Do you have a limit or are you a Trump man to the end? Can he murder in the streets and still get your vote?

Trump didn’t really surprise me when he said he thought Boris Johnson would make a good prime minister for Great Britain while he insulted others in England. One clown recommending another. Russia’s Vladimir Putin and China’s Xi Jinping sure have it easy these days as the leadership of Western democracies degrades by the hour. When your enemy is going full-speed astern, all you have to do is tread water to get ahead. A few more years of this anti-leadership and the dictators of Russia and China can sweep up the remains of Western democracy and deposit it in the round file. It will be that simple.

Speaking of China, our acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan said last week that he was going to call out China’s militarization of the entire South China Sea. That was an interesting statement, but everyone has known for almost a decade that China has ignored the UN resolution on the matter and continued the militarization of their man-made islands. This writer is curious as to what the US now plans to do against these pieces of illegally claimed Chinese territory. My guess is nothing, so why bring it up?

Also last week it was pathetic to hear the Department of Energy rebrand natural gas as “Freedom Gas.” When most of the world’s economic systems are moving away from fossil fuels as fast as possible the U.S. is hawking more fossil fuel use. We are no longer world leaders; we’re no longer even trying to stick with the pack. We are trying to haul the world backwards into the 18th century for fossil fuel experiments.



Truth vs. propaganda

In a May 16 letter to the editor, David Park suggested that Trump supporters turn off Fox News and tune in to a long list of mainstream media sources for a week. He suggested anyone who did so would have a change of heart. He may be surprised to learn that I tend to agree with him as to the ability of the mainstream media to brainwash low IQ voters who don’t consider alternative sources of news.

The question is, why would anyone choose to be brainwashed? The mainstream media just spent more than two years force-feeding the public a fake news false narrative about President Trump colluding with Russia to win the 2016 election. Four separate investigations, carried out over two years by some of Trump’s worst enemies, have had to admit there is no evidence to support the media’s two years of breathless collusion accusations. Why would anyone want to listen exclusively to sources that have been so wrong about something so important for so long? During the same time frame, Fox was the only network pointing out there was no evidence to support such an allegation. With all due respect to Mr. Park, I don’t know why any sane person would suggest we tune out the only network that told us the truth and listen exclusively to the lying mainstream media, also known as the propaganda arm of the Democratic National Committee.

My suggestion to Mr. Park, and others, is to balance the mainstream media (a.k.a., the propaganda arm of the DNC), by watching Fox, and reading Townhall, Breitbart News, The Daily Caller, The Gateway Pundit and The Conservative Treehouse.

As an aside, I would point out that when their false collusion narrative broke down, instead of apologizing for their two years of misleading viewers and readers, the mainstream media simply moved on to another false narrative, obstruction of justice. Since there was never any evidence for the underlying accusation, the investigation was never a pursuit of justice. It was a witch hunt.

I would also note I have never defended Trump personally; quite the contrary. I have pointed out that he is our duly elected president; he didn’t get there by being stupid, and his policies have been extraordinarily effective.

The opinions expressed herein have not been endorsed by any organization with which I am affiliated.



Vote for every Democrat

Defeating Donald Trump in 2020 is the second most important thing. Actually, it is the third most important thing.

What, you ask, could be more important than defeating Trump in the 2020 election? The most important task is electing Democrats at all levels of government.

In Virginia, Democrats have a real chance to win control of state government and bring real progress to Virginia on health care, education, the environment and voting rights. For Nelson County, Tim Hickey and Jennifer Lewis need our support. Then we need to protect the gains that were made in our Virginia congressional delegation with the election of Reps. Abigail Spanberger, Elaine Luria and Jennifer Wexton in 2018 and hopefully expand it. Some of these new Democrats are going to be on the left and some are going to be from the center, but we can say with some assurances that there will be more women and more minorities in that mix.

The second most important thing is the Democratic majority must have a reasonable and doable set of proposals to turn into law. The country must move ahead on climate and health care and many other issues. And Americans need a raise. The next Democratic administration needs to find a politically feasible spot that is between incrementalism and all out revolution and earn back some trust in government by making these proposals law.

Lastly, we could ask that that the real question is how can Trump win? He lost in 2016 by almost three million votes. Some 80,000 votes in three states gave him the win in the Electoral College. And one of the ironclad conclusions of the Mueller Report is that the Russians substantially interfered in the election to help Trump win. And his approval rating has never got out of the low 40s.

I hate to think that there is a conspiracy, but have Trump, Mitch McConnell and the Russians already decided the election?



Corporations rule the roost

I completely agree with Bob Dewey’s May 30 letter to the editor that the voices of the people are muted by political money. But, I totally disagree about what has happened. Behind all that money and politics lies out-sized corporate power. The people’s voice has been gobbled up by corporate power, built during the “golden era of economic growth” after World War II and consolidated into political power after the Reagan administration started the attempted dismantling of the “Golden Age’s” community achievements like Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society.

Today, major corporations set their own rules, offload as many costs as possible and disregard any harm their products or operations cause. A Harvard physician calculated that coal electricity would cost up to 27 cents more per KW/h if the health and environmental damage coal causes was included in its price. Chemicals banned in Europe, and even in China, are routinely manufactured and sold to us by our major corporations. Opioid manufacturers marketed and over-sold their ‘harmless’ products, creating a national addiction crisis. Twenty years ago, fossil fuel companies initiated and funded a PR campaign that succeeded in creating doubt about the science of climate change.

It is hard to call these feats of corporate power the result of a socialist state. Over the past 30 years regulation has been denigrated, corporate tax lowered or completely avoided, and our individual economic safety programs blamed. The result the opposite of socialism. We have lost the political belief in “community” and in our shared obligations to one another.



We let this happen

In 1949, George Orwell published “1984.” Seventy years later, it can be seen live in Washington. Is not the Congress the “Inner Party” complete with a “Big Brother” or “Big Sister”? Is not the “Outer Party” on full display in the “Deep State” Executive Branch departments and party-affiliated Supreme Court? Are “We the People” not the “Proles” manipulated and ruled by the “Telescreen”? Because of what “We the people” allowed the political parties to do in 1913 and 1937, we live today the book’s theme.

Our “Inner Party” is working today to insure their desired 2020 result with the “National Popular Vote Interstate Compact” and for out years, a Supreme Court approval of the inclusion of non-citizens in the national census. It has been decades since we have required non-citizens to indicate their citizen status on the census. Was it our Founders’ intent to have non-citizens influence presidential Electoral College elections, representation in the House of Representatives and distribution of taxpayer dollars to states?

It requires only 270 Electoral College votes to cause the Compact to go into effect. Sixteen states and the District of Columbia, primarily Democratic states, with a total of 95 Electoral College votes have already passed the Compact. Eleven additional states, accounting for 108 Electoral College votes, have legislation pending.

The concept of a nation governed by its people requires a political structure that insures that the voice of the people is heard. The purpose of the original constitutional provisions for the nationally politically strong state legislatures was the close relationship between the state legislators and their constituents. This relationship was deliberately broken in 1913. Each state has the authority to restore this relationship. What are the state political parties doing to reestablish the intended relationship?




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