Dismayed by 'misinformation'

When reading the minutes from the March 2017 Nelson Board of Supervisors’ meeting, I noticed quotes from Supervisors Tom Bruguiere, Tommy Harvey and Larry Saunders regarding the Atlantic Coast Pipeline that I found disturbing.

Given that these minutes are now public record, I feel compelled to clarify. The first quote: “Mr. Bruguiere stated he was not sure that Nelson had the most steep slopes and he suspected that Highland County had more.” The fact is, under the current preferred route, Highland County will host 11 miles of the ACP, while the Nelson route is 27.3 miles, 90 percent of which will, according to the ACP’s Resource Reports, be built on steep slopes for which they express re-vegetation concerns.

A later quote: “Mr. Bruguiere then stated he was invited to a Friends of Nelson meeting and he was bothered by their being non-Nelson County people involved and running things.” The current board of Friends of Nelson are all Nelson residents, the majority of whom are landowners on the current route, or an alternate route of the ACP. I feel confident that all board members are paying taxes and are registered voters.

Further in the minutes, Supervisor Harvey is quoted: “He added he did not think the pipeline would be stopped and he noted there were no politicians on the side of the residents.” This defeatist stance, while rampant among state and local representatives, is not exactly accurate. Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tom Perriello, along with all but one of the Democratic candidates for Virginia attorney general, have been quite outspoken in their opposition to both the ACP and the Mountain Valley Pipeline.

And perhaps, the most disturbing quote from Supervisor Saunders: “Mr. Saunders noted that there was an operational pipeline going up Wintergreen Mountain now and that was one of the steepest slopes in the county.” I am assuming that Supervisor Saunders is referring to the small water line that feeds the resort for supplemental purposes. To suggest that such a line compares to a 42” natural gas pipeline running at a capacity of 1440psi and requiring trenches 6 to 9 feet deep is difficult to comprehend.

While open discussions are part of the process for local governments, and exchanges of thoughts and ideas are welcome in a democracy, I’m dismayed that three years after the proposal of this pipeline by Dominion, some of our elected officials seem unclear on information widely available to the public.



One book explains it all

For all of you who truly believe that the proposed pipeline is good for any of us, or good for anyone in this country, I strongly advise you to purchase the just released book by a man who lives in Crozet.

It is titled “Unacknowledged,” written by Steven Greer. It is based on 25-plus years of research, and it will demonstrate clearly how we have all been duped. You will read testimonies of many men who have participated in top secret agencies over the past 70 years. You will clearly discover that the technology that could release us from the oil, nuclear and coal industries has been known since the 1960s. Yes, and it would make this proposed pipeline appear to be a completely ridiculous endeavor.

Hopefully this read will make you angry. Angry enough to take action. Angry enough to stand up and say “Enough is enough!”

Our county supervisors have done the best that they can, based on the information that they have. Let us share this information with them. And any who desire to hold that position.

Use the internet for all that it is worth.



Trump is destroying our future

One hundred days of the Trump administration are now behind us, and he has played way more first 100 days golf than the last three presidents did combined.

There have been no legislative successes, unless you call not shutting down the government a success. He has now admitted this is harder than he thought. Come on now; how many people really believe he thought about what he was getting into? Maybe he should read the Constitution. He has proposed massive tax cuts for the super-rich, including himself. No surprise there. The vice president is now hinting that the deficit may grow even larger as any savings from budgetary cuts are skimmed off by the richest of the rich. The D.C. swamp creatures are alive and prospering.

I have been accused of being an elitist. If recognizing that government, the legalized use of force in a society, should be protecting the weakest from the strong is being an elitist, then I am one. If recognizing that government should be protecting the environment, the air, water and land we all need for life from the ravages of the monetary greed of corporations like Dominion Power is being an elitist, then I am one. If thinking further ahead than the next election cycle or the next quarterly report is being an elitist, then I am one.

So far, President Trump and his cabinet are destroyers of the future all of our grandchildren must live in. I am not alone in this thought. You know you’ve made it when the most renowned academic in the world calls your group “the organization most committed to the destruction of life on Earth.” Professor Noam Chomsky of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology said this about the current executive, congressional and judicial Republicans in Washington. No half measures there: No. 1.

ISIS, al-Qaida, Iran, North Korea — all a pack of wanna-bes; it is this group of science-denying, war-mongering, fossil fuel Republicans that are most threatening to civilization and even human existence. If agreeing with this renowned professor is being an elitist, then I am one. I truly believe we can do better. And that’s what I really am; someone who believes we can do better, a lot better, than the present bunch in D.C.



Thanks for ‘Celebrating Nelson’

The Nelson County Historical Society, in partnership with the Nelson County Public Schools, recently culminated its activities under a grant from the Charlottesville Area Community Foundation with “Celebrating Nelson,” a well-attended event at Tye River Elementary School that showcased student projects and performances about the county.

The historical society wishes to thank the Nelson County School Board and administration — particularly School Board member Debbie Harvey, Superintendent Jeff Comer, Assistant Superintendent Shannon Irvin and Tye River Principal Marti Bradt — for their strong support of the many activities the grant inspired. The teacher steering committee, comprised of Bev White, Karen Wade, Elizabeth Knight, Lindsey Hill, Emily Schilling and Vickie Mays went above and beyond in using local resources — both people and places — to teach the goals and objectives of the Virginia Standards of Learning, which was the purpose of the grant. More than 300 students benefitted directly from their efforts.

A special shout-out to Bev White and Karen Wade for organizing the “Celebrating Nelson” event with songs and art work by students, to the other teachers on the committee for bringing their students’ work to the event, and to Kim and Jimbo Cary and Sue Harlow for teaching and working with the Tye River students to deliver their stirring performances.

Thanks also to the Nelson County Education Foundation for its financial support of this endeavor. The society hopes that this project will lead to more efforts to use the resources we have in this county to teach students why this is such a special place.





Nelson County Historical Society

Co-Directors of the CACF Grant Project

Our dysfunctional government

We as a nation have a governance problem. We have allowed the two political parties to be the voice of “We the people,” and they are not. We have no one to blame but ourselves. They are in the business of selling government privilege both through direct relationships with big money donors and the efforts of the K Street lobbyists. We have discarded Christianity as the fundamental basis of our heritage. The elements of our Founders’ moral standard has been reduced to a debate topic in the Congress. How far we have strayed.

What happened to the concept of a three branch government, each co-equal? Was it not the idea that the people would govern through their elected congressman? Through them the will of the people would be translated into legislation. The Senate, representing the states, would approve or reject proposed legislation. The president in his role as the chief executive officer could express his objection. His task was to execute the approved legislation. How did he become responsible for the input to the House of Representatives? The Supreme Court is no longer the defender of the people. It is another political party debate forum.

Washington is no longer that shining beacon in the night. It is a swamp filled with evil. It has reached the point that even non-political, non-elite “deplorables” get it. How have we screwed up the system such that it takes months to get legislation passed? We were attacked on December 7, 1941. We declared war on December 8, 1941.

It is time for the Congress to represent their constituents, not a political party. The Executive branch needs to execute the approved legislation, not create it. The Supreme Court needs to stop representing a political party and defend the people against a rogue federal government.



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