A duty to stand up for democracy

Trying to keep up with the lies and all the efforts to subvert our democracy that come from the president and his swampy cabinet got to be too much. I stopped listening until the latest swarm of mass shootings and the do-nothing response made me aware that one has a civic duty to stay aware of what is happening and try to call it out.

Last week, we watched Hurricane Dorian and its devastation to the Bahamas and the consequences to our East Coast. It is not a joke. First, we saw the president say he never heard of a category 5 hurricane, even though there have been three during his administration. I doubt he wants to remember Hurricane Maria and his bungled job of providing help to Puerto Rico, but it did happen. Then he suggested that we drop a nuclear bomb in the eye of the hurricane to “disrupt” it. He also said that Alabama was likely in the path of Dorian forcing the weather service to issue a correction. Rather than apologize or just keep quiet, the president repeated the mistake, then showed an official weather map that had been crudely altered with a sharpie to include Alabama in the cone and insisted he was correct. People’s lives and safety depend on getting accurate information.

This is insanity or dementia. It is one small sample of the president’s inability to assess and appropriately respond to the ongoing needs of our country. And yet noone is willing to say the emperor has no clothes.

And yes, the overwhelming majority of people want sensible gun control laws and did not elect the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre to make that decision. The Second Amendment does not give carte blanche to mass murder or to assault weapons. Our “no checks and balances here” Senate leader says he will do nothing about gun control legislation until Trump tells him to. Without checks and balances, there is no democracy, only an autocracy.

Why are we all not afraid?



Mass shootings demand action

It seems every week there is yet another mass shooting. The NRA people say that “it’s not the guns that kill people, it’s the people who kill people.” In fact, it is the bullets that actually kill people.

How about making it illegal to purchase or have in one’s possession more than 20 rounds of ammo at a time? How about making the purchase of large amounts of ammo a “red flag”? How about a tax on ammo making it extremely expensive? Proceeds of this tax could go toward trying to figure out what makes people want to commit mass murder. We control and tax alcohol and tobacco, both of which can harm and/or kill. Bullets kill people and do it very quickly.



Thanks from historical society

The Nelson County Historical Society’s remembrance of the events of Aug. 19-20, 1969, have come to a close We would like to thank everyone who contributed time, effort and talents to the remembrance of that tragic time in our County’s history.

The Camille Commemoration Committee (Phil Payne, Doris and Bar Delk, Beth Goodwin, Jane Raup, Dick Whitehead, Leigh Thompson and myself, with support from Woody Greenberg) met monthly from November 2017 until July 2019 to develop the series of programs.

Doris and Bar Delk, Dick Whitehead and Woody Greenberg worked tirelessly to locate, select and organize the most representative photos of the Camille story for publication in Commemorating Camille.

Jane Raup, Beth Goodwin, the Rev. Don Harvey, Tiffany Spencer, Reverend John Campbell and Woody Greenberg developed the moving tribute held Aug. 18. Others assisting included John White, Esther Larkin, Sue Seaman, Reverend Edward Hendricks, Judge Michael Gamble, Phil Payne, the Fortune Family singers, The Toms Sisters, Faithful Praise, Jennifer Turner, Jeff Harris and Nelson County High School.

Jimmy Fortune, Bennie Dodd and Joey Davis graciously gave of their talents with the Camille-benefit concert held in June.

The Nelson County Board of Supervisors supported our efforts in a number of ways, particularly with the passage of a resolution and placement of a wreath on the Courthouse Green in remembrance of those lost 50 years ago.

Additionally, we offer our condolences to the family of Tiffany Spencer. Her contributions will endure as part of the Camille exhibit.



Nelson County Historical Society

Symptom of deeper problems

Once again, “We the people” allow the “Washington Establishment” to threaten the bulwark of our Constitution.

As has recently been put forth by others, the purpose of the Second Amendment is to ensure that the several sovereign states have the defensive capability to retain their political responsibility to govern a multi-sovereign state nation on behalf of their people. The purpose of the federal government is to defend the nation against foreign threats, not govern the people. Our Constitution is designed to defend that self-governing concept.

Mass killings have followed the trend lines of abortion, out-of-wedlock births and divorce. The concept of family and the parental responsibility for children was well understood before the advent of the Great Society programs in the 1960s, which established a supremacy of the federal government over “We the People.” God required two different characters to create a child. Men and women are different and bring to the family the different talents needed in the raising of children. Why are there essentially no women “mass killers”? We sense the problem but do not want to acknowledge it. We have a much bigger societal problem than that which “mass killings” embodies. We have put aside the three words inscribed in the hearts of the Greatest Generation: “Duty, Honor, Country.” We no longer respect our heritage and Christian beliefs.

Federal gun control legislation is both contrary to the intended Second Amendment protections of the people from federal rule and worthless in solving the problem. The problem is not the weapon, the problem is the person using it. Discussions regarding mental health are good only if they include the impact of today’s fractured family on young boys. Children must be embraced by a unified family clan to learn and appreciate the responsibilities of adulthood.



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