Remembering Steve Meeker

On July 29, the Humane Society/SPCA of Nelson County (HS/SPCA) learned that Steve Meeker had passed away in his home and business on U.S. 29 in the Davis Creek area. His dogs, Jasmine and Kilburn, who were with him when he died, were taken to the Nelson County Animal Control Facility and transferred to Almost Home Pet Adoption Center on July 15. The site on which Almost Home was built in 2004 was at one time Steve’s home property .

Steve was a talented artist who could make beautiful furniture from wood and iron, stone signs, and creative works of art from scrap metal. He graciously donated unique pieces of his artwork for the live auctions that were held at the Animal House Balls, that raised the money for the construction of Almost Home Pet Adoption Center.

One day, Steve made a surprise trip to Almost Home, depositing a large rusty dog sculpture which sits proudly at the entry to Almost Home. Some time later, he followed up with a cat sculpture. His rusty herons were among the many pieces available for sale that were displayed on his property and attracted many passersby. Steve generously gave a number of these herons to HS/SPCA friends, some to keep and some for us to sell. When Steve presented me with one of his herons, he requested that I give it a home inside my house instead of out in the yard. I was happy to honor his request, and it is proudly displayed and loved.

From time to time, Steve would call me to come pick up items that he wanted to donate for the HS/SPCA to sell on ebay. He also donated items for us to sell in our SPCA Thrift Shop.

When Steve became aware that the owners of the property adjacent to Almost Home were considering moving, Steve was influential in bringing them and the HS/SPCA together and as a result the HS/SPCA purchased the property.

When Steve was feeling poorly, he asked me to promise that we would care for Jasmine and Kilburn if he could no longer take care of them. We found a good home for Jasmine and Kilburn, but Kilburn proved to be too strong for his adopter and is back at Almost Home waiting for the right person to come along and adopt him.

Not only was Steve a good friend to the HS/SPCA, but he was also a good friend of the Nelson County Master Gardeners. He enjoyed giving them truckloads of sunflowers, which he grew from seed, for the garden they planted and maintain at the library in Lovingston. I believe the county has some of his beautifully crafted stone works, too.

Truly, Steve was a man with a big heart. We will treasure the remembrances of his kindness and talent!


President, The Humane Society/SPCA of Nelson County

A poor cartoon choice

Why would you choose to run the political cartoon, “What’s More American?,” on the 18th anniversary of 9/11?

The debate on gun control is needed. But your cartoon should have been a memorial to those who lost their lives on 9/11, especially the ones who lost their lives going into the World Trade Center to save others.

Shame on you!



From the Arctic to local politics

It is so sad to see the rich leader of the richest country on Earth on his knees in front of the dollar bill.

In the week that Alaska’s hottest summer by far was reported in the media our money-grubbing president proposed opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling and opening the magnificent Tongass National Forest to logging. Doesn’t this most slow-witted leader know that trees store atmospheric carbon helping to offset the stupidity of man in adding fossilized carbon to the atmosphere. And to propose more drilling shows that he is a terrorist to the millions of unborn people and creatures than must inhabit this planet after he’s in the ground.

His actions remind me of the saying, attributed to a female American Indian, “Only after you’ve cut down the last tree, only after you’ve dammed the last river, only after you’ve caught the last fish, only then will you realize you can’t eat money.” How do some Americans can still support this mass of ignorant arrogance?

We are comparable to Great Britain where their clown of a prime minister has dismissed Parliament and is now spreading Trump-style manure around the countryside. He has met Britons, not so cowed or manipulated as Americans, who told him in no uncertain terms to get out of their town and gto back to London to do his job dealing with Parliament. The clown, Boris Johnson, likens himself to the Incredible Hulk in his Brexit fight. I might suggest he is much more like a mule or jack who refuses to get up and do his job pulling the load. I salute the Britons who want to stay in the EU to present a solid European front to Russian and American bullying. I detest Johnson who is seemingly doing Putin’s work free of charge. In that arena I hope the Europeans soon deploy their plan to circumvent the U.S. dollar in their dealings with Iran. The Iran agreement is very important in limiting nuclear weapons in the Middle East to the outlaw state of Israel.

The Middle East is teetering on the brink of war as the U.S., with no known evidence, is accusing Iran of launching drone attacks on the Saudi oil installations. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if it was the U.S. that tried to disrupt Saudi production to up the price of petroleum since now we are the second largest exporter of fossil fuels. A war over the Straits of Hormuz would at this point be a big present to the U.S. oil exporters. And oil-rich Russia, get the picture?

In Israel, we have another world recognized terrorist, Benjamin Netanyahu, running for prime minister on the promise he’ll steal more Arab land. Leave it to our president to support this with a promise of a mutual defense treaty even after it was reported that the same country was spying on him.

I’d like to get real local and ask Robert “Skip” Barton if he is ready to be a leader for the people of Nelson County. He is running for the South District Supervisor seat. Is he ready to stand in front of the bulldozers to keep our county pristine? Is he ready to let Dominion know as a local leader he’ll be fighting them every step of the way? Skip, it’s time to let the voting public know where you stand.

Finally, I’d like to congratulate both the men’s and women’s UVa soccer teams for their undefeated seasons so far. And I wish you the teams the best of luck for the rest of their seasons.



CinemaScope’s to blame

Could this be the cause of mass shootings?

We, the people of Nelson County, should feel grateful that we have among us a historian like Bob Dewey of Wintergreen who routinely points out the dangers of any and all progressive tendencies in our culture. However, in his letter to the editor published in the Sept. 12 issue of the Nelson County Times, Mr. Dewey uncharacteristically does us a disservice by attempting to link the orgy of mass killings that lately our nation has been experiencing to the Great Society of the 1960s. In fact, one may have to look a little further back to 1953 and the era of “Pax Americana” to “unearth” the root of this violence.

I refer, of course, to the “advent” of CinemaScope, the anamorphic camera lenses president of the 20th Century Fox movie studio. Before CinemaScope, movies were filmed and projected in the traditional 1.37.1 aspect ratio. After CinemaScope (and its equally insidious successor, Panavision), movies were filmed and projected in an aspect ratio of up to 2.66.1. And it is the cruelest irony that the first commercial movie production to use this satanic type of lens was that quintessential Christian movie “The Robe” (directed by Henry Koster and starring Richard Burton, Jean Simmons and Victor Mature). I shudder when I contemplate the horrific damage done to the cerebral cortices of all those innocent young men sitting in the first rows of the movie theaters and staring up at Victor Mature’s torso for 2 hours and 15 minutes in a 2.66.1 aspect ratio. Not to mention Burton’s leather-skirted thighs. Is it any wonder that their sons and grandsons would exhibit a predilection for mass killings?

I urge my fellow citizens to take all actions necessary to force filmmakers to revert back to the Christian 1.37.1 aspect ratio. God willing, we will prevail in peace and freedom from fear and in true health through the purity and essence of our natural fluids.



A nation of ‘name callers’

Our Founders’ Constitution embodied the federalism concept of a nation with two political entities, sovereign state and federal governments, each with a specific role. In 1913, constitutional amendments were ratified that blinded the people to the cost of legislation and removed the federal political authority of the sovereign state and its citizens to govern. In 1937, the federal political administration in power, threatened the Supreme Court with “packing” to get approval of the Social Security Act. The approval was not based upon the federal government’s constitutionally stated “Enumerated Powers,” but upon four words in the preamble, “promote the general welfare.” The foundation for a socialist government was laid.

The corrupt “Fake News” pronouncements of the press, the now identified “Thought Manipulation” of “Cyber Space” and the depth of the “Deep State” corruption, all conspired to cause an election defeat, and having failed in that, to remove from office an elected president. The character of our Founders’ once-proud nation has been reduced to a nation of “name callers” for political power.

None of this activity addresses the important issues of our time. We have allowed the political parties to take a nation designed to be governed by its sovereign states and their people and reduce it to a socialist state ruled by a Washington elite. A federal-government-run health care program will be the final nail.

We live today with the self-created seeds of our own destruction. “We the people” do not govern, the Washington establishment rules. If the cause of the election of Donald Trump was an expression on the part of the American people to reaffirm our heritage, then the citizens of the nation must now actively participate in causing the return of the sovereign states to their rightful congressional governing stations.



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