Climate change and dirty politics

From Brexit to climate change

Another week and another mass shooting in the United States. Almost expected as paranoid white men use the only tool they know of, a gun, to make themselves feel powerful.

When you think we have it bad here, remember Great Britain is in the middle of self-dissolution. The last two pieces of the entity once known as Great Britain are now considering separating themselves from the mother country as the British leaders try to administer “Brexit.” The dictator wannabe, Boris Johnson, has proposed locking the doors of the House of Commons for a period of time so he can do unmentionable things to the country without interference. The queen, seemingly more in her dotage with each passing day, agreed to allow him to do this.

All is not clear, however, as thousands of British citizens have risen up to protest the outrage. It remains to be seen if the citizenry can dissuade this clown of a prime minister. Should the prime minister succeed he will immediately be faced with the prospect of Ireland and Northern Ireland reuniting and asking for a hard border of separation with England so they can remain in the European Union and Scotland holding a referendum of independence from Britain. Businesses are already fleeing Britain for the more open markets of the European Union. I suspect this trickle will turn into a flood as the stupid, unnecessary disaster of “Brexit” becomes apparent.

When I look around the globe, I am more thankful for my quiet place by the James River. I just wonder where the hostilities will break out that will push the globe into another titanic round of killing and destruction. Some Middle Eastern country and Israel, the Koreas, India and Pakistan, the U.S. and Venezuela, China and some neighbor ... the options are many.

Humanity seems to be on the knife edge of its own extinction and trying to decide whether to let nature do the job with climate change or do it themselves with war. I was of the opinion that my age demographic would spare me the worst of it, but now I’m not so sure.

But in the meantime, we here in Nelson County are part of a beautiful rural landscape with our productive fields and forests. I can only hope we all recognize and guard these resources from corporate destruction such as proposed by Dominion Resources.

If you want to observe the level of destruction man is capable of, consider the Amazon. There, unscrupulous corporations, with the help of a very right-wing government, are burning the rain forest, the ancestral home to thousands of indigenous peoples and an unknown myriad of other species. The Amazonian peoples have lived in and conserved this wondrous planetary resource for thousands of years. When the white man and Western Civilization arrive backed by capitalistic greed it is destroyed. Who are the ignorant savages? Tropical rainforests, such as the Amazon have very little nutrients in their soils and if the forest cover and nutrient sink is removed by fire it quickly becomes unproductive desert.

Another rainforest now in danger of corporate destruction is the Tongass National Forest of southeastern Alaska. The Trump administration wants to open it to logging interests. Will the administration do the same to the national forests of Central Virginia? I have no doubt our present president is quite capable of it.

We can and must do better.



Establishment killing the U.S.

Those elected to represent us and our sovereign states have forgotten that they are to serve the people, not to engage in self-centered, inter-party battles for power. The Democratic Party has a clear liberal political message, “Vote Democrat and everything is free.” The “Establishment Republicans” are either silent or are against abortion.

It appears that after some 10 years, the truth emerges. The real purpose of the Obama administration’s Federal Student Loan Program was to finance “Obamacare.” A forgiven debt in 20 years is the incentive for the student borrower to insure a small payment was made annually, which kept the annual cash flow rolling in. The American people are on the hook for some $1.6 trillion. The Obama administration set the stage for colleges to charge outrageous fees and pay high salaries to teachers who would expound upon the greatness of socialism on behalf of the Democratic Party.

Combine this “Socialist” indoctrination with the Democratic Party’s “Great Society” Programs, which contributed to the destruction of the family by stepping in and replacing absent fathers with cash. It has taken but four generations for the national pride in the “Greatest Generation” to be reduced to a disrespect for the symbols of the nation and the strong Christian beliefs of a people’s heritage.

The once-important institutions intended to convey the political messages of the people are today engaged in political battles for power, not the concerns of the people. The problem that the Washington Establishment, both Democratic and Republican, faces today is that the “Deplorables” have a leader who acts like a leader, not talking but leading.



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