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Reelect Sheriff Hill

I currently serve as the chief deputy under Sheriff David W. Hill of the Nelson County Sheriff’s Office.

Let me start by saying it has been a great honor to work with Sheriff Hill these past four years and an even greater honor to help him achieve some of the goals he set to accomplish for his first term as Sheriff. For the first 2½ years, many days and nights were spent working to get Nelson deputies an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work. The hope was to stop some of these men and women from having to work more than one job because many had families to support. Some of these deputies decided to seek employment elsewhere due to the low starting pay. Recently, the starting salary for a deputy in Nelson was increased by almost $10,000, which is nowhere near what they deserve, but it’s a start. Once the salary goal was achieved, it attracted more individuals who were interested in serving as a deputy, which helped achieve another goal. All four of our schools now have an experienced school resource officer.

Recently, negative comments have been made regarding Sheriff Hill and some of the staff that serve the Sheriff’s Office. I am not an individual who embraces negativity, nor will I fuel the fire that other individuals start. Instead, I will tell you all a little bit about what goes on behind the scenes.

Sheriff Hill embraces opportunities to see and talk with our personnel and residentsas much as possible. Sheriffs are always “on duty” as they should be to address the needs of our citizens. Sheriff Hill receives many emails and phone calls from residents who want to discuss information only with him. He welcomes all visitors that come to see him and if they can’t make it to the office, he will find time to go see them. After all, the residents are the foundation of the county and their support is what makes a sheriff successful.

I have worked with him since January 2016, and I can say the following about his work ethic and overall demeanor. Sheriff Hill is:

» Honest and morally sound.

» Concerned for all citizens and their needs.

» Compassionate while being both firm and fair.

» A team player by reaching out to all of our neighboring law enforcement agencies including sheriff’s offices statewide, Virginia State Police and police departments both offering assistance and asking for resources when it is in the best interest of the county.

» A man who puts the needs of others first before his own needs.

» A sheriff that refers to the Nelson County Sheriff’s Office as “We” and not “Me.”

» Transparent. If you are the type of person who wants a direct and honest answer just ask him a question. He will give it to you straight.

» Approachable. If there is something that needs to be addressed, it will be.

» Encouraging to the deputies and staff.

» Courageous. Sheriff Hill is not afraid to look out for the best interest of the department and his staff even if it means facing backlash. He does not condone or tolerate negativity in the office.

» Polite, courteous and professional to all and expects the same from staff.

» Helpful. The man wears many hats.

» Has a zero tolerance for drugs, drinking and driving and Domestic Violence. Highway safety grants are currently being utilized to enforce traffic laws and combat impaired drivers on Nelson County roadways. Our recent K9 addition is doing their part in assisting with the illegal drugs and contraband.

I will end with this. A law enforcement career is often thankless, but Sheriff Hill is constantly reminding us all about the “paychecks of life.”

There are good days and there are bad, but when a citizen approaches you while in line for lunch and says, “Thank you for service,” it means more than anything. That is what this profession is about. It’s not about an election, that’s just a stepping stone. It’s about the service.

That is why I am endorsing Sheriff David W. Hill. He has a true servant’s heart and he has served Nelson County over the past four years. If reelected he will continue to serve. The Sheriff’s Office is currently on track to be a greatly respected agency and there is great pride in that, not for us officers, but for the citizens of Nelson County. Remember, your voice is your vote on Nov. 5. Thank you.


Nelson County Sheriff’s Office

Difficult but clear choice

The sheriff’s race presents a difficult but clear choice. The incumbent is a good man, from a good local family. His opponent, Daniel Jones, is also a good man from a good local family. So how do we decide? For me, it is the recognition that no manager can be better than the team he or she is capable of assembling and retaining.

I’ve read and heard all the stories about the discord that has permeated every aspect of the existing department. It would be easy to dismiss the stories as contrived by his political opponents if not for one vital statistic brought out in a recent TV interview. Of 42 deputies, Sheriff David Hill has hired in his 3 plus years, 24 are no longer with the Department. Regrettably, that tells us all we need to know. Despite whatever talents Hill may possess, assembling, managing and retaining a team of employees is not among them. A team infected with inexperience, low morale and high turnover is dysfunctional.

Daniel Jones, on the other hand, has managed a workforce and set records for low turnover. He exudes three essential leadership qualities one doesn’t often see together: competence, confidence and humility. His stint in the military and two tours in Iraq probably taught him that no matter how competent or confident one is, missions aren’t accomplished alone. A boss that realizes he is dependent on the talent around him won’t have to feign the humility it takes to solicit advice, maintain morale and limit turnover. Jones’ decades of law enforcement and military experience will give him the competence and confidence he needs to do the job of sheriff; the humility he demonstrates by seeking counsel and downplaying his own stellar qualifications tells me he has the indispensable ingredient of humility.

Please consider a vote for Daniel Jones for sheriff.

The opinions expressed herein have not been endorsed by any group with which I am affiliated.



Vote Republican on Nov. 5

I recently watched a video of a Trump rally. On one side of the street were the Trump supporters waiting in line to attend the rally. On the other side were the protesters, carrying their “Hate Trump” signs and chanting over and over “Hate Trump.” The people waiting to get into the rally were very peaceful, talking among themselves and completely ignoring the protesters on the other side.

A girl from some company was taping both sides. When she went to the protesters’ side, they were very abusive to her using foul language and attacking her verbally and physically. They spat in her face. She tried to engage them and talk to them, but it wasn’t possible. They just stood there with their hate signs chanting, “Hate Trump” as they all bounced up and down. My first thought in seeing these was they were like zombies and totally unable to interact in a meaningful way.

She met a black man there and he was thinking of going to the rally. She invited him to cross the street and meet the people going to the rally. He was surprised they were all welcoming and friendly and offered him a place on line and encouraged him to go.

The contrast between these two groups was very disheartening. The group for President Trump were like the people in America I believed we all were. Friendly, welcoming and willing to listen to others’ viewpoints. The protester group were the opposite. They were nasty and refused to listen to anyone. They gave me the impression that they were brainwashed. The division and hatred in this country is at a point I have never seen before.

I have been on both sides, and I am aware that there is corruption on both sides of the aisle. However, right now it seems to be coming more from the Democrats than the Republicans. Republicans are constantly under attack. If you wear a Trump hat or have a Trump bumper sticker, you are taking the chance of getting attacked. This is not the America I want to be a part of.

If the Democrats get back in power, we will lose our country. A woman was recently complaining about how high our debt is. I agree we cannot sustain the debt that we are accumulating. When President George W. Bush left office, our debt was $10.6 trillion; when President Barack Obama left office, it was $19.9 trillion and is now $22 trillion. We do need to bring our debt down. However, if the socialist Democrats take power, our debt will be unsustainable and we will be bankrupt. Medicare for All would be $3.3 trillion a year. Then they want free college for all, even for illegals, and that would be another $42.8 billion. If their crazy Green New Deal goes through, it would be $51 trillion to $93 trillion over 10 years, depending on what actually gets implemented. (This is actually more about the government controlling the people and taking over our basic lives, from what we drive to what we eat).

Who will pay for all this? Their answer, the rich and the corporations. Well, in reality, the corporations and the rich will leave this country, along with a lot of our jobs. They are not going to stay here and pay 90 percent in taxes, capital gains taxes and wealth taxes. So who will pay for it? Think about it, and than think about what kind of country you want to live in.



Vote Democratic on Nov. 5

Virginia is the only state in the Union that allows its representatives to use campaign contributions for any personal purpose they want, clothes, household expenses, vacations ... you name it. It is what is politely referred to as the “Virginia Way.”

But as former Gov. Terry McAulliffe said in a recent speech to his fellow Democrats, “We are going to make Virginia a new state.”

This is what Nelson County voters have a chance to do Nov. 5 when they can vote for Tim Hickey, Jennifer Lewis and Creigh Deeds.

Hickey as a teacher, understands the importance of building and investing in our community. He will work tirelessly to bring opportunity to our district, to promote justice, and to protect our community and our environment.

Lewis is a mental health worker, community advocate and leader in the fight against the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. She is dedicated to representing the values of the people, not corporations.

Deeds has tirelessly and honorably served our region for many years in the state Senate.

This is a chance for Nelson County and the entire region to vote for a new way of doing things and to move Virginia forward on health care, gun violence, education and renewable energy, and I urge my fellow citizens to take it.



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