Honoring the life of Eddie Embrey

I would like to express our family’s gratitude to those were instrumental in dedicating the twin bridges at Woods Mill in memory of our loved one, Eddie Embrey. It was truly an unexpected tribute.

Thanks to Judy Smythers, whose idea for the bridges, assisted by Martha Warring with the Virginia Department of Forestry, approached our Board of Supervisors which agreed and sent the request to the Virginia Department of Transportation.

The ceremony on Oct. 11 at the Nelson Center was beautifully organized. We were honored to have in attendance Rep. Denver Riggleman, officials with the VDOF and VDOT and co-workers and friends who rendered kind and supportive remarks in Eddie’s memory.

Eddie was a true civil servant with hisyears of volunteerism with the Faber Fire Department and the Nelson County Rescue Squad. His career with the Department of Forestry spanned 37 years of fire suppression, fire prevention programs and forest stewardship. His faith was strong; he loved his family and friends; and he worked hard and was proud that his childhood home and farm, “Peace Hill,” was granted Century Family Farm and Century Family Forest status.

Thank you to the county residents who have showered our family with their love and support during Eddie’s illness and passing. I close this letter with these words that he would repeat often in his last days in this life: “Tell everyone I love them.”

Again, we thank you and love you.



Resist socialism, Nelson County

It becomes clearer each day that the national Democratic Party has been completely taken over by socialists. Many of its most prominent leaders openly describe themselves as such. The rest promote the same socialist policies but are not yet bold enough to call themselves socialist.

The local Democrat you may be inclined to vote for might not be an avowed socialist, but putting him or her in office is lending support to the socialist agenda promoted by national Democrats. That agenda involves overturning the 2016 election by impeaching President Trump, raising taxes, unfettered abortion, infanticide, gun confiscation, incentivizing illegal immigration with perks we don’t even extend to citizen veterans and suppressing free speech by referring to all speech with which they disagree as “hate speech.”

Some Nelson Democrats are socialists. I know this because they defend socialism whenever I rail against it on these pages. Their defense usually involves demeaning our president and capitalism while calling anyone who supports them “deplorable” and “irredeemable.”

I don’t think of my fellow Nelsonians as deplorable regardless of their politics. I see Nelsonian Democrats as friends and neighbors with a different world view. To be clear, I don’t think most Nelson Democrats are socialist. I believe many are voting Democratic up and down the ticket without considering the national implications of lending support to a radical socialist party agenda with which they actually disagree.

Our nation was warned that socialism would conquer us without firing a shot. Half the country, in the form of the Democratic Party, has already surrendered. Many within the Republican Party leadership are wavering. The only thing standing between us and a complete socialist takeover is a remnant of resistance within the Republican Party. You can choose to join the resistance by voting Republican or welcome the takeover by voting Democratic.

The opinions expressed herein have not been endorsed by any group with which I am affiliated.



Virginians want change

First, I congratulate everyone who voted for change in the southern part of Nelson County and elected Skip Barton as our representative on the Board of Supervisors. It was past time for a change.

Enlarging my view, I congratulate all the Virginians who elected a Democratic House of Delegates and state Senate. There are plenty of governmental responsibilities that have languished with our past Republican majorities, and it’s time they are addressed. For one thing, it is time to become the 38th state to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution, and I hope the new General Assembly will get that done. It is also way past time to get all the corporate money and influence out of Richmond. I am particularly incensed by the laws that allow corporations such as Dominion Energy to make questionable investments like the Atlantic Coast Pipeline and pass the cost plus 10 percent on the their customer base. If the stockholders had to assume the financial risk of such unnecessary and dangerous infrastructure, the company might become more astute in spending.

Nationally, we are getting a blaring warning of how 2020 might go with Republican Gov. Matt Bevin of Kentucky refusing to concede defeat this week even though the Democratic challenger, Andy Beshear, got more than 5,000 votes than he did. The governor has taken a page from President Trump’s playbook and made up some BS about voter irregularities and is hoping the Republican Kentucky state legislature will declare him the winner.

This blatant disregard for the law should be a warning to all as our childlike hoodlum of a president faces reelection next year. Will he have to be dragged out of the White House, all the while spewing his lies about millions of fraudulent votes? Is the populace up to supporting our constitutional government or will this charlatan be allowed to further disgrace us in the eyes of the world and openly steal our republic because we lack the courage to defend it? I like to think Trump will be a distasteful memory by then, but with a Republican Senate that pledges allegiance to this sociopathic man instead of the Constitution every day, I am doubtful. Trump has lied, cheated and stolen all his life, and we may be sure he will continue to do the same until he is delegated to the waste bin of history. The sooner he goes, there the better for our constitutional democracy and our leadership role in the community of nations.

It bothers me when I read that Iran has now reached a 50 percent uranium enrichment capability because our childlike president unilaterally threw out the agreement that kept them from doing any research that could result in an Iranian nuclear weapon. It bothers me that the Trump administration is unilaterally withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement on the same week that 11,000 scientists warn us about catastrophic climate dangers inherent to our present path with fossil fuels.

The U.S. doesn’t have to be the renegade country that destroys civilization, but today that is the path we have seemingly chosen through our ignorant and arrogant leadership. It is up to us to change direction and all the citizenry should be so involved. I say to any citizen who is still pledging allegiance to Trump, you are not helping yourselves, the country, the community of nations nor humanity as a whole. If the great American experiment is trashed the blame will rest primarily on your shoulders.

We can do so much better and that should be our goal.



State GOP flunked election test

What was this Virginia election all about?

State elections are important because our Founders held the collective political opinion of the states should be superior in the Congress. Perchance the reason for the lack of interest in state elections by the general population of voters is expressed by the foreign cash donations on behalf of the respective political parties and, that the state-elected U.S. Senators no longer represent their state, they represent the party that got them elected. Congressional representatives debate what the party that elected them wants them to legislate. The nation is ruled by the more powerful of the two parties. Underlying the importance of state elections is the political closeness of the citizen to their first line political advocate, the state delegate.

Twenty-six House of Delegates seats were won uncontested by Democrats. The Republicans had seven uncontested wins. In the state Senate, Democrats had 10 and Republicans had two essentially uncontested victories.

Mount Vernon, Monticello and Montpelier are names well known to Virginians yet we fail to respond to their call for a nation “governed by its people.” In this 2019 election, only 40 percent of Virginia’s registered voters voted. If the Democratic presidential primary presentations are any indication of what the winning Virginia party votes were for, one must conclude that Virginians want free college, free health care, sanctuary cities, gun control, on-demand abortion and someone else paying the bill. Except for some quiet support for the president and pleas against abortion, there was no discernible Republican campaign platform around which Republicans could rally.

Virginians must respectfully “tip their hat” to the Democratic campaign efforts. One must ask the Republican Party of Virginia what Republicanism is all about. The sweet words of the party’s creed must translate into something on the campaign trail.



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