Writer: Congress must do its job

It was been a very big week for both yours truly and the country of which I’m so fond.

First, the country.

Last week our President declared himself dictator and threw down the gauntlet to the other two branches of our government to stop him. He has declared that his administration will tolerate no oversight from the legislative branch. He has been encouraged to do this from day one by the completely subservient Republican members of Congress and last week declared it in so many words. He is merely continuing his bullying and lying, but it has now reached a level that in this writer’s opinion must be addressed if we are to emerge from the disaster of his presidency a democracy or some sad copy of the Third Reich of 20th-century Germany. If the Republican constituency and the Republican members of Congress let this defiance of the Constitution and its separations of powers continue and grow, they are no less than traitors to that document and the foundations of the United States of America.

I do not believe that will happen. In the past, presidents have tried to become dictators but have been reined in by the federal judiciary and Congress. I will not believe that, at this point in the history of the country, on our watch that will happen. The instability created by a militaristic 21st-century dictatorship in the hands of an unstable, hedonistic, lying bully is just too devastating to contemplate. It could end in worldwide catastrophe. We do not want that on our hands.

Lindsey Graham should know that the real circus is the Trump administration, not the Democratic effort to make sense of it. The administration has thrown the environment and the common man under the bus with only minimal entertainment diversions to allow the industrial megaliths free reign to increase their bottom lines. Our global loss of leadership has opened the door for China to rule the 5G networks that will soon be attached to almost every industrial product made on Earth. Do we yet even know what the cyber-security ramifications of that will be? At that network speed over a nationwide area things happen so fast that a war disabling the electrical grid of the U.S. could be fought and won in milliseconds. There are hundreds of questions that need addressing in just this one field, and it appears in their drive for higher profits none are being asked by this administration. When every machine has a brain connected to the web, we better know who is talking to those brains and what orders they are giving.

Now me. Since this writer last sat down to pen a few words about the state of things, he has lived in the cardiac unit of the University of Virginia hospital. There, Dr. John Kern and his UVa cardiac team have done a double bypass on my heart and replaced an aging and genetically deformed aortic valve with a mechanical heart valve. I only write this to let all the readers know I emerge from this experience with the greatest in thankfulness and respect for all members of the UVa cardiac unit. I have had other very positive experiences at UVa hospital in the past centering on a case of bladder cancer, but that was much less intense than the open heart surgery of this week. As I write this on Sunday morning, I’m ready to return home after a Tuesday afternoon and evening surgery. My message to any of you who are fortunate enough to get the UVa cardiac surgery unit assigned to your life-saving surgery: Go forward with confidence.



Keep power with the people

There is an underlying principle articulated in the Constitution that political power be vested in the people. This is why the Constitution specifies the “Enumerated Powers” of the federal government and the unique legislative responsibility of the Senate to protect the sovereign states from undesired expansion into the states’ governing responsibilities. To that end, it was constitutionally prescribed that senators be elected by the sovereign states’ elected leadership. Today, senators are elected by national political party financial influence and statewide “Identity Politics” campaigns. The Senate has become no more than a second debate forum. This change was accomplished by the 17th Amendment in 1913, by President Woodrow Wilson’s Democratic administration.

Today, the complementing constitutional provision that affirmed the intended political power and sovereignty of the states, the election of the president by the electoral college, is under attack. The attack, begun in 2007, is being done quietly by national political party leadership in a manner which circumvents the need for a constitutional amendment. Today there are 14 states, all with Democratic leadership representing 189 Electoral College votes, that have ratified the “National Popular Vote Interstate Compact.” This compact requires a state’s elected members of the Electoral College vote for the national aggregate popular vote winner, regardless of the vote of the people of the state. There are 13 states, almost exclusively Republican, that have pending compact legislation. Only 81 more state Electoral College votes are needed for the political parties, through this compact, to control the election, and void our Founders’ concept of a nation governed by its people.

The issue appears to not yet be proposed in the Virginia General Assembly. The people of Virginia need to appreciate the importance of this 2019 General Assembly election to the 2020 presidential election and vote for delegates and state senators opposed to the compact.



Have you nothing else to say?

Can you get over Bob Dewey vs. Mike Tabony on your editorial page? Is your paper too pathetic to present other opinions? Or maybe nobody has anything to say to your rag?

How about Donald Trump abusing women, the truth and so on? He loves to grab [expletive deleted]. He said so. How about the so-called Christian right in that?

I have no idea why my wife subscribes to your so-called newspaper. Shame on you. Become a real newspaper. I doubt you will print this, and if you don’t, I will take this discussion far and wide.


Massies Mill

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