The Trump administration muck

And the soup of the Trump dictatorship thickens.

It has now been reported by The New York Times that Donald Trump and Jared Kushner’s activities at Deutsche Bank were suspicious enough that staffers reported it to higher management. In classic form however, higher management did nothing; they didn’t mind the Russian money-laundering for which Deutsche Bank has become famous. It has been fined millions of dollars for this illegal activity by regulators, but the profits are so good that those fines just become part of doing business. Do the rich bankers ever go to jail? Or politicians?

My hat is off to Republican Rep. Justin Amash of Michigan, a man willing to put the rule of law ahead of the worship of a petty dictator. The rest of the Republican Party politicians seem to have forgotten that they swore to uphold the Constitution, not any politician. A man as ignorant as our president can be expected to not respect anything but the dollar. But one would hope in the vast multitude of Republican politicians and voters, there would be hundreds, if not thousands or millions, who recognized the damage this dictator-wannabe was doing to almost everything he touched. This independent sure can see the danger he poses to the rule of law. I wavered for awhile on impeachment due to the further damage to the civility of the country it would bring, but now see that my desire for civility comes at the price of the rule of law, so now I lean heavily towards articles of impeachment. Let’s remove this abomination from our most important office.

The United States is continuing to use its military to do its political duties around the world. This will sooner or later get us into another war which will dilute the value of our currency even further as we use debt to make the war-mongers even richer. It is so sad that we have not learned that this is not the 1950s anymore: The U.S. cannot militarily dictate to the world.

Recently, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo dismissed the climatic destruction that the loss of Arctic Sea ice cover is doing to the Earth. He stated such a change makes it possible for more fossil fuel exploration in the far north. As environmentalist group has stated many times, we have already discovered way more fossil fuels than we can burn without changing the Earth atmosphere so much that we destroy civilization’s ability to continue. When even more of the Middle East is not able to support its population, millions of more migrants will disrupt eastern and southern Europe. The world’s biggest fossil fuel producers need to be held responsible for the destruction they are causing to poor populations globally. A worldwide tax on fossil fuel production should be supported by the United Nations and major governments.

I would like to thank David Park of Arrington for his insightful letter last week. I think his idea about who actually won his/her election is spot on. Trump lost the national popular vote while Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez won the popular vote in her election. And that, my friends, should be the end of the story. We can do so much better.



That letter-writing trio

“The Three Amigos”! I like it. Good job, Louis Harpster. I have been referring to the threesome of Tabony/Ballowe/Dewey as TBD, but Three Amigos is much better. I have been trying to come up with nicknames for all three, I think I have nailed two out of three:

» Ballowe — “The Deep State.”

» Dewey — “We the People.” (And yes, I think Harpster is right about Dewey; he could be a time traveler from the last century.)

Having a little trouble with Tabony, any suggestions?

Rather than letters to the editor, how about a weekly column with all three of “The Three Amigos” contributing?

Frankly, the letters to the editor in this paper is the only reason we subscribe. I particularly enjoy Tabony’s responses to Ballowe. If it were a prize fight, it would have been stopped in the second round by the referee.



Returning to Founders’ vision

In 1913, it was the national political committees which destroyed our Founders underlying congressional election principles. In 1937, the political threat of “packing the court” set the stage for the precedent setting change in the role of the federal government. These, followed by the Great Society programs of the 1960s, are the politician-created cause factors of the governance mess we, as a nation, are in today.

The problem facing “We the People” is that “We” no longer govern, but are being ruled by the national political parties. One need only look at the Federal Election Commission data to understand that the voices of the people have been muted by the party-serving, nationwide financial donor base and party associations with K Street lobbyists. Congress is failing in its duty to legislate because it is in a constant inter-party political war. The states have been stripped of their authority to limit the expansion of the federal government and are now politically irrelevant. We are now a socialist state because the parties stripped apart the relationship of “Taxation and Representation” in the House of Representatives, which allows representatives to vote for legislation with direct benefit to their national party without concurrent identifiable cost to their constituents. Supreme Court justices are now confirmed by senators who are influenced by state identity politics campaigns expressing the will of the party without regard to the will of the people.

To return the nation to the governance path intended by our Founders, “We the people” must act. “We” must accomplish two things. “We” must cause the state political parties to provide the structure that would assist the political views of residents of each state to be heard nationally, and more importantly, “We” must cause both national political parties to fear “We the People.”



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