Trump haters' mental disorder

Belief persistence is the natural tendency to cling to one’s established opinions. When belief persistence continues even after compelling contradictory evidence has emerged, it has become a mental disorder, a pathology. The malady has reached epidemic proportions among Trump haters.

In early 2016, the Trump haters assured us he was a complete buffoon who couldn’t possibly win. When he defeated 16 extremely well-qualified candidates in the Republican primaries and the Clinton machine in the general election, a rational person would have backed off from the belief that he is a buffoon. Instead, belief persistence caused Democrats to stick with the buffoon belief and come up with an excuse for their beloved Clinton losing to a buffoon. Thus the Russian collusion narrative. They rationalized that even their sainted Hillary could lose to a buffoon if he colluded with a foreign power. So they selected about 20 prosecutors from a list of Trump-hating Clinton sycophants, assigned them about 50 full-time FBI agents, gave them an unlimited budget and placed no time constraints on them. After two years of digging, even that star-studded team of President Trump’s worst enemies had to admit there was no evidence that he had colluded with the Russians to influence the 2016 election.

As Election Day 2016 approached, the same Trump haters predicted, with certainty, that a Trump victory was going to crash the stock market, lead to a worldwide recession and bring about World War III. They assured us he’d be the worst president in history. The picture they portrayed was downright apocalyptic.

Going into the third year of Trump’s presidency these are the facts that have emerged. There was no collusion. The stock market is hitting record highs. The unemployment rates for all socio-economic groups are hitting record lows. Trade deals are being re-negotiated. Real wages are climbing. The Islamic caliphate is no more; and the world is a safer place. We are experiencing an American renaissance; making America great again.

Still, there are those who claim Trump is a buffoon. They still say he is an awful president. It pains me to say it, but their belief persistence has reached the level of pathology. I hope they can save themselves by taking an objective look at the incontrovertible evidence that Trump’s presidency has been good for this country. What hasn’t been good for this country is the pathological effort to take down a duly elected and effective president.

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Selling their souls for Trump

When you’re recovering from open-heart surgery you take your humor where you can find it. I was entertained this past week by the antics of the Trump dictatorship as it pitifully tried to mask his past actions and tried to show-off then cover-up their dismal propaganda failure in Venezuela.

Last week, we saw another American ready to lie and mislead for the esteemed leader as current U.S. Attorney General William Barr testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee. One must remember the Senate is still controlled by the Republican insurgency so they can dictate to some extent how questioning would take place. Barr refused to even show up at a scheduled hearing in the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives. And, of course through it all, we had the buffoon proclaiming himself innocent of everything.

The Washington Post, one group tabulating these things, reported last week that Trump has now told over 10,000 lies or misleading statements since taking office. Last week, he was also dubbed the “Say-Anything President.” I pondered on that for a few moments and realized it comes from the combination of his massive arrogance and massive ignorance. His arrogance demands he have an opinion on everything, and his ignorance almost assures that opinion isn’t anywhere near right so the next time the same subject comes up he’ll spout off again but be 180 degrees off the first explanation. The sad part is that the only thing he’s consistent about is the smallness of his vision of the United States. He thinks it was put here only to make him rich. We can be both terrified and comforted that he is only “after the money.”

Unfortunately, he has many fawning helpers who aren’t so mundane. One of those, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, the “Master Bully,” got a good comeuppance last week when his staged coup of the Venezuelan government was not finalized but literally evaporated like a morning fog. Pompeo actually held a news conference where he blamed the failure on the mean Russians who wouldn’t let the elected Venezuelan president escape to Cuba. He and warmonger John Bolton then rushed over to the Pentagon demanding U.S. military action to install their selected president. They were told by a responsible American to “Take a hike.” Erik Prince, who saw an easy buck by inserting his mercenaries into that South American country, slithered in at that point. We are yet to discover how many of those will be employed by the once great United States of America.

The U.S. economy is steaming right along showing unemployment at its lowest levels in decades. It’s a beautiful thing that one can do with debt and the U.S. government, led by irresponsible senators and a man known for his bankruptcies, is running the party. From the Business Insider website, “The deficit for the first five months of the government’s 2019 fiscal year, which runs from October 2018 through October 2019, hit $544.2 billion — up 40% from the first five months of fiscal year 2018.” A deficit of more half a trillion dollars in five months by a government elected to get rid of the deficit, one of those 10,000 lies, nothing more.

I sure hope you folks are enjoying the party. Live the big life; buy the biggest, fanciest pickup on the road. (And how many of those are you seeing now?) We should all remember that Donald Trump is known for milking the dollars from things then rushing off and insulating himself from the nasty worthless remains with a flotilla of lawyers. Just like he did last week with the help of William Barr. Souls and moralities must be at their cheapest in the nation’s capital.



Why the Founders feared parties

Today, “We the people” live under the cloud of the “political party.” Our Founders held concerns about the power of the political party to mask the will of the American people and divide the country. We see this today. The effect of this political power has created a three-dimensional problem in the governance of the nation.

The first dimension is the differences between those citizens who advocate for the political precepts of Saul Alinsky’s “identity politics” and those who respond to nationwide political policies. This difference in citizen governing opinion is resolved at the ballot box.

The second dimension was created with the arrival of a political outsider, Donald Trump, who had the financial capacity to not be beholden to either political party, sensed the political unhappiness throughout the land and had the talent to bring it together. This capacity brought voters from all political universes together in common cause. The Republican Party’s less structured political concepts provided the easier organizational structure for Trump to acquire. Thus, while the political party names remained, the new Republican Party constituents are no longer “life-long” Democrats, Republicans or Independents: They are “Trumpsters.”

The third dimension, the most serious, is within the “Elite Political Establishment” we call the Congress. It is the political party battle for power. This battle for power is seen every day in the “lockstep” Democratic Party resistance to any Republican/Trump legislative attempt to repel the invasion on our Southern border. This issue has become the Oscar-winning issue in the 2020 election. Compounding the political policy issues is the exposure of Democratic “Deep State” advocates’ improper activity in the 2016 election, as yet unresolved.

The nation has a serious governance problem. The darkness created by the political cloud can only be removed by “We the people.”



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