Walking for a worthy cause

The second Central Virginia ‘Stepping Out to Cure Scleroderma Walk’ was held March 7 at Sweet Briar College. With more than 70 participants, over $16,000 was raised to go towards research for a cure for scleroderma.

We want to thank the businesses that sponsored our Walk. Gold sponsors ($500) were Amherst Woman’s Club, Sweet Briar College and Scleroderma Foundation Greater Washington, DC., Amherst Rotary Club, Hermle Clock North America and the Family of Laurie Babcock. Silver sponsors ($250) were Glad, Inc.; Greif, Inc.; Virginia Auto Select, Teledoc, Emmanuel United Methodist Church and England’s Stove Works. Bronze sponsors ($100) were Baine’s Books and Coffee, Blue Ridge Medical Center, Edward Jones, El Mariachi, Food Lion, Genevieve Fadool, Ins. George E. Jones, High Peak, Main Street Settlements, Martin’s Body and Paint, Mindful Mountain Yoga, Rehab Associates, and Sardis United Methodist Church.

We also want to thank all the businesses and individuals donating items to our auction. These contributions helped us to surpass our goal.

Scleroderma is an often life-threatening inflammatory and vascular disease in which the body’s immune system attacks its own tissue. In its most aggressive from the lungs, heart, kidneys, esophagus and gastrointestinal tract are severely damaged. Scar tissue, caused by an overproduction of collagen, can result in the loss of hand mobility and cause painful, disfiguring facial changes. While primarily affecting women between the ages of 30 and 50, it also strikes men and children across all ages and ethnic boundaries. To date there is no known cause or cure.

We thank all the contributors, participants, and sponsors for their support. For information on how you can become involved with the 2021 Walk, please contact Suzanne Raine at suzanne.raine@gmail.com or Margaret Ann White at mwhite@sbc.edu.



Expressing thanks to the community

I am writing on behalf Nelson County Public Schools to express our sincere appreciation to the many individuals who have contributed money for our meals program, funds, as well as items, for our student hygiene program, and protective masks for use by our staff during the last two months as we dealt with the repercussions of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our staff has received many cards of thanks prepared by children and numerous expressions of appreciation as items have been distributed to the families of our students based upon need. Nelson County is an amazing community and we have witnessed time and time again how our citizens support each other in times of need.

These acts of thoughtfulness and kindness have not gone unnoticed and while we did not learn the name of every donor to personally and properly extend our gratitude, please know that your donations will be put to good use to help students in need. You make us proud to be associated with Nelson County and you set a wonderful example for our children as they learn how to treat their neighbor and what being part of a community truly means.


Assistant superintendent, Nelson County Public Schools

Wearing masks during COVID-19 an essential act

As a member of the demographic most vulnerable to COVID-19, I am deeply grateful for the people working in our essential businesses. Even though Nelson County has, so far, been only lightly affected, the service of these essential employees is every bit as risky to them as it is for PPE-protected health care workers. All are heroes (a term I do not use lightly) and even those of us who might not take COVID-19 seriously benefit from their dedication.

I am concerned, however, that many in these essential businesses are not following current guidelines on the use of masks. These employees, more than most of us, are potentially, and frequently, exposed to the virus. We know that the virus can be transmitted even if the employee doesn’t show any symptoms, so the use of a mask is just good business: protect your customers. And we, your customers, should also show the respect that you deserve, by wearing a mask.



Hoping for four more years

Here we are trying to get the country back on track and those who still fight to accuse President Trump on anything they hear or read in the fake media reports still can’t let go. The president has done more to accelerate the growth of our nation than many in the past.

It took a businessman to figure it out and slamming the money spending ideas of free education, free medical care, cancelling all education debts, and letting anyone who wants to enter our country just walk in. I just want to ask the liberal, Joe Biden supporter, what could Biden do to make life better in America? All I hear are voices that just hate President Trump. Their minds are so stiff with the mantra, “hate Trump.”

The liberals pick anything out meeting their agenda of hate. It’s not up to the federal government to bail our states who mismanaged their budgets. It’s not up to the federal government to solve state problems that have not prepared themselves for emergencies except in national crisis. On Route Virginia a landowner made a crude sign “Drain the Swamp,” which is a line from President Trump. Recently the swamp creatures targeting President Trump need to be removed.

The Justice Department under Obama was the problem, the Clinton email scandal a huge problem, the FBI targeting officials in the White House with illegal interviews problem, the Biden family Ukraine-China connections where dealings under the radar a big swamp problem, and now analysis of our own Virginia governor appears the KKK outfit was more like Northam than the taller Black Face person in his medical annual. Let’s bring Virginia back to a conservative state and give President Trump four more years.



A political crisis amid the pandemic

The United States of America is today in crisis. The coronavirus health issue is painful but will be overcome. The crisis is political. Perhaps it is because the leadership of the Democrat Party recognizes that failing to elect a controllable Democrat president and securing majorities in the House and Senate in November 2020, senior and heretofore protected Democrats may go to jail.

Since the beginning of the 20th century the political parties have been slowly taking political power away from “We the people”. Congressional political debate is no longer over liberal and conservative values on behalf of the American people. It is now a manipulation of the electorate with outside national party controlled money. When the 2016 election of Hillary Clinton failed, the years long Democrat plan for single party power was derailed and the “Deep State Establishment” corruption subject to exposure.

This Democrat protection initiative required the defrocking of President Trump as a leader of the people through first, personal attacks, then “Russia, Russia, Russia” and finally, impeachment. This initiative required that the political leadership of the president to be transferred to Congress, specifically to the Speaker of the House. Without the protective shield of a Democrat presidential administration, hard copies of the corruption have made their way to the eyes of the American people. Considering the seniority and multi-agency spread of these “Democrat Deep State” corrupt operatives, one must consider how high up the command chain of the Democrat leadership, that this goes.

The 2020 election is not about public policy. The election is not about candidate personalities and campaign money. It is about cleansing the honor of the “Stars and Stripes” to which we pledge our allegiance. It is about the essence of this nation, “One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all”.



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