Robocallers are breaking the law

Despite having registered my phone number with the FCC’s National Do Not Call Registry many years ago, I continue to receive unwanted and illegal robocalls. My standard practice is to never answer a call unless I am sure of the identity of the caller. I report unwanted calls on the FCC’s website on a daily basis.

One of the worst offenders lately has been a company identified as “Spectrum” on my phone’s display calling from (434) 253-1018. I realize that with today’s technology that might not be the real name of the company or the actual number they are calling from, but it is the only info I have. I have never done business with a company called Spectrum, and I do not want their calls. Typically, the phone will ring four times and then the robocaller hangs up before the answering machine kicks in.

I should not have to take any additional action above and beyond registering my number on the Do Not Call list to keep from being bothered by such calls — it is the responsibility of salespeople to check the list and not call any of those numbers.

I understand that offending companies can be fined for each violation. If anyone in our law enforcement system is keeping track, you can chalk me up for three unwanted calls from Spectrum — so far — on March 18, 2019.



A week of hate and ignorance

It is so disheartening. Another week and another crazy white man who thinks it is OK to destroy people unlike him. This one was nutty enough to think others would enjoy the video of him doing it. And then others, other crazies of all races, watched him online as he went about his murder spree. Well, I didn’t and never will. This is a very sick person, and the only attention he deserves is confinement with observation so he can never hurt another person. It bothers me that so many of these crazies are white, my race. I recognize that this sickness is buried in all humans but why is it so likely to surface in white men who are led to believe they are better than everyone else?

On this same subject, I read last week that the messenger of hate sitting in the White House is still getting the approval of 90 percent of registered Republicans. Even while he threatens his opponents with “tough people,” his followers acquiesce. Will those followers don the “brown shirts” if he supplies them? I shake my head and wonder how people can agree with someone who is emulating a criminal mob boss. A small bit of good news was the few Republicans in the U.S. Senate who had the ability to stand up to his hatred and vote against the “wall emergency.” A marvel would be the Republican numbers needed to override his veto.

It was also pleasant to read that Congress has now decided to stop aiding Saudi Arabia’s slaughter of the Yemenis. The unanimous 420-0 vote in the House of Representatives to call for the release the Mueller report to the public was also a delight. Will the Senate follow suit or will they protect “the boss”?

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo showed a mountainous level of ignorance or arrogance or both in highlighting China’s human rights violations this past week. Yes, China has violated the rights of thousands of its Muslim minority and should be confronted. However, Pompeo is not the one to do it or is anyone else from the government of the one country that has killed millions of Muslims in the last few decades and even today seeks to keep its military foot on the neck of other millions of Iranian Muslims. When Pompeo pointed his one finger at China, he had all the others pointing back at himself. I somehow doubt he even noticed. Furthermore, did he recognize the hypocrisy when denying U.S. visas to the members of the International Criminal Court coming here in an investigation of war crimes?

On the other side of the aisle, the crowd seeking to be included in the presidential sweepstakes grows by leaps and bounds. Again, I’ll not bother with naming , just ask the electorate to stick with the one or two who will do the best for the citizenry of the United States and the people of the planet. Anyone disregarding climate change and its unfolding disasters should be immediately discarded. I stand with the millions of students in the global walk-out over climate destruction by the use of fossil fuels. May they be successful in awakening others, especially our leaders, to the catastrophe that is slowly unfolding.

And speaking of climate change, the coldest it’s been on my back porch so far this winter has been 12 degrees. I can remember winters from my youth on the tip of Louisiana’s boot when it got colder than that. This is not good.



Taxing and spending

In 2016, Donald Trump was elected president to represent the people of the United States. His task, as was the task of every president before him, is to translate the desires of those who elected him into legislative action. One may not agree with the issues raised by the American people by their election of Donald Trump, but everyone must agree that he is fulfilling the tasks assigned him.

As tasked by the Constitution, President Trump has crafted a proposed 2020 legislative program that is at the heart of what is called the 2020 federal budget proposal. Before the political parties removed the fiscal voice of the American people from the House of Representatives, the legislative debate in the House allowed the American people to consider their aspirations and their respective costs, which would be shared based upon House representation. Today, the costs are no longer an issue because the linkage between “Taxation and Representation” in the House of Representatives has been broken. The costs only become a part of an overall budget, lost in a document too large to read.

“We the people” have allowed the national political parties to legislate to satisfy their respective political motives without regard to the costs to the people they represent. Our national political leadership clouds this evasion by creating a bigger and more complex issue. They deliberately fail to approve a federal budget before Sept. 30 which shuts down the government. Welcome to governing by Continuing Resolutions. The cost of political power is again hidden and paid for by the American people.

The failure of the Congress to pass a budget before the end of the preceding fiscal year is a slap in the face of the American people. This is what the “Royal Elite Political Establishment” thinks of “We the people.”



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