Dealing with dangerous dogs

The Virginia Alliance for Animal Shelters, in conjunction with the Virginia Animal Control Association, have been asked to consider a revamp of our dangerous dog statutes in Virginia. They very much want to have input from both human beings who have been attacked themselves, or had their domestic pets mauled/killed.

Having read an article in the Nelson County Times about leash ordinances, as well as news of the sheriff’s daughter being attacked, I wanted to pass this along.

This year, one of the more ludicrous proposals backed by the Virginia Federation of Humane Societies would have allowed a judge to send a dangerous dog to another state, as long as it did not border Virginia (if the owner did not want to comply). Understandably, this infuriated victim advocates. New York, too, does not want our dangerous dogs.

Another equally cynical attempt to virtually eliminate dangerous dog hearings was the proposal to move these hearings from one jurisdiction to another. In other words: Residing in Richmond, you are injured or mauled and your dog is killed. The hearing could be moved to Big Stone Gap, hundreds of miles away. Animal control or law enforcement would be forced to travel, along with witnesses, attorneys, etc. Most of the injured are likely to just give up, and a dangerous dog will go on to possibly kill or maul again. Fortunately, cooler heads prevailed and these did not make it out of subcommittee, but they are likely to be back in the General Assembly in the future.



House Democrats are at work

In 2019, the House of Representatives (at the time of this writing) has taken up 55 bills, resolutions, and suspensions — 53 of which they have passed. President Trump complains that Democrats in the House are not making progress on health care, infrastructure and veterans bills. In fact, bills addressing these issues have already been passed by the House and sent to the Senate. The log jam is Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell.

The few pieces of legislation House Democrats and Senate Republicans have agreed on are reopening the government after the shutdown, the resolution to end U.S. involvement in the Yemen war, disaster relief, a bill to protect public lands and a resolution disapproving of Trump’s use of emergency powers. And hopefully a House bill providing emergency aid to address the humanitarian crisis at the southern border will be brought up for a vote in the Senate.

But the majority of bills and resolutions passed by the House this year are dying in the Senate because McConnell refuses to bring them up for a vote. These include issues that should be bipartisan: lowering prescription drug costs, protecting preexisting condition coverage, pandemic preparedness, paycheck fairness, background checks, infrastructure and veterans issues.

This is important news that is not being covered.



From Iran to migrants

We have a great week for entertainment.

First of all, we have the biggest liar ever to sit in the White House announcing the beginning of his 2020 campaign this past week with another attack against grandma Hillary Clinton who beat him by over 3 million votes in the 2016 Presidential election. Get over it, old man, and realize she’d probably beat you by at least that much again today. That there are people who will give up some of their precious time to go listen to his ravings is the hard thing for me to comprehend.

The other thing I found hard to fathom was the whole response scenario to the Iranian shootdown of the U.S. drone. First, we claimed that the drone was in international air space. How many times has Iran shot down anything in international air space? According to my memory, the answer is zero. And I doubt they did it this past week; the drone flew into Iranian airspace and they wacked it. Then we almost start the war that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and National Security Adviser John Bolton want so badly with strikes against targets in Iran.

It is said that Trump cancelled the strikes at almost the last minute and if that’s the truth, good for him. Someone probably admitted that the drone did encroach into Iranian airspace while someone else explained to him that this war could get out of hand very fast, would be extremely bad for business in that very rich part of the world, and he would be blamed for starting it. It seems he should lock up Pompeo and Bolton before they are successful at starting the war even he doesn’t want.

Iran is surrounded by U.S. military bases; we have a carrier fleet patrolling off their shores; we are waging economic warfare against them even as I write this; we are attacking them through our cyber warfare units; and we have allies in their neighborhood like the Saudis and Israelis calling for war and the government wants me to believe the Iranians are threatening us. Give me a break; peddle this mountain of bull waste somewhere else.

On the other side of the aisle, the Democrats are starting their presidential debates this week. I suspect about 35 people, primarily talking heads, will tune in and try to filter a catchy phrase or jingle out of the incomprehensible mass of words from the group that has done virtually nothing since they won the House of Representatives last year.

Where is the climate change response legislation? Where are the impeachment investigations? Haven’t the Democrats learned anything in the last couple of years? Trump has publicly lied more than 10,000 times during his presidency, yet a big percentage of the citizenry dote on his every word. And the media still cover each false utterance, each stupid tweet.

There is no value in truth in today’s America. The Democratic debaters should know this. They should be roasting the Democratic leadership or rather non-leadership; if you can’t beat do-nothing Speaker Nancy Pelosi don’t even think about lying Trump. It would be humorous were it not so pathetic.

On our southern border we continue to build new migrant concentration camps when we could just imprison those who hire them. Yes, our food prices would go up significantly and getting a contractor to redo your roof would be almost impossible but the migrant problem would be solved. Instead, we just enslave and dehumanize those driven out of Central and South America by the drug wars our addictions have spawned there. Even the Japanese unjustly herded into camps during World War II were not separated from their children. We are plumbing new depths of inhumanity.

We can do so much better.



Breaking the bond

Our Founding Fathers understood well the problems created by clans bent upon securing political power. To set in place a solid foundation upon which a nation could be governed by its people, they created a national Constitution that was to insure a continuing role for the people. It was in three parts.

The first and most important provision was the creation of the Senate in the Congress. This chamber was to insure the supreme political role of the sovereign states in the activities of the legislative, executive and judicial branches of the federal government. This stature was attained by election of senators by state legislators, who were just one step away from their citizen constituents. The 17th Amendment destroyed this close relationship.

The second provision addressed proposed legislation put before the congressional representatives on behalf of their citizen constituents, its positive provisions for the representatives’ constituents and its cost to them. The 16th Amendment removed the relationship between “Taxation and Representation,” which removed from the citizen any ability to either relate to or influence political party contrived debt laden Federal legislation.

The role of the president was simple but important: accomplish the legislative goals established by Congress through leadership of the executive branch. The president, to him alone, was given the commander-in-chief authority over the nation’s military forces. Election of the president through the Electoral College process provided the third foundation leg of the supreme stature of the sovereign states over the federal government. The states elected the president. The “National Popular Vote Interstate Compact” is directed at removing the states and thereby their citizens from any capacity in national leadership.

The Democratic Party, during the Woodrow Wilson administration, removed the first two provisions against a totalitarian federal rule. Today’s Democratic Party is leading the charge against the “Electoral College” election of the president.



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