Spending ourselves into oblivion

Surprise, surprise.

On Friday, Treasury Secretary Steve Munchin reported that the U.S. Treasury is losing money faster than expected. With the bankruptcy king running the show, what did they think was going to happen?

I guess if you drink enough of Donald Trump’s Kool-aid, you’ll believe almost anything, but nature and the laws of economics don’t give a rat’s what you believe. The outflow of money is supposedly big enough that the government may have to shut down or default before the Congress gets back from its summer break.

But never fear, enabler Nancy Pelosi is negotiating hard for a continuation of the Trump debacle. Anyone who still believes the head of the Democratic Party is not in the pockets of the oligarchs is just drinking another flavor of stupidity. I suspect the leadership of the Democratic Party will never return to serving the people; it may well be time for the heart of the party, the progressives, to rid themselves of deadbeats like Pelosi.

It seems amazing to this writer that the leadership of both major parties are attacking these progressive leaders; the progressives must be doing something right and I only hope they keep doing it.

One must ask, does Pelosi expect to entice some Trumpites to the Democratic Party with that action? It seems to this writer that the bigger pool of potential Democratic voters are the masses looking for someone to represent them in the national government. The Republicans are the servants of the very rich. Who will represent the common people? That should be the treasure mined by the Democratic leadership. Perhaps they’ll learn in time for the 2020 election. Perhaps not.

But to see the complete disintegration of the government of a past global power, it is a bit early to survey the U.S. government; about 4 more years of Trump’s policies should accomplish that. Today we can examine Britain which used to be known as Great Britain.

This past week the country that had once ruled a global empire including what would become the United States and fought alongside us to victory in the two global conflicts of the 20th century collapsed into acquiescence after two Trump tweets. It would have been humorous were it not so pathetic.

Britain is in the midst of its self-destruction with the Brexit crises. It seems the Tory Party will elect Boris Johnson as prime minister who as a leader actually may be worse than Trump. Johnson seems to have no plan at all for separating the country he will lead from the multinational trading pact it has been a part of for decades. He has taken a page from Trump’s playbook and has proposed massive tax breaks for the very rich while starving the programs that help the poor. For trade, he will be relying on the good will of Donald Trump to help Britain get through the economic hardships it’s bringing on itself though the words “good will” and “Donald Trump” have no common ground which I have found.

The implosion of Britain combined with the national racism of Trump’s United States removes the two leaders of the free world from global positions of diplomatic power. Russia and China have moved to fill this power void and are the primary beneficiaries of our retreat from the world stage. Winston Churchill must be rolling over in his grave wondering what in hell happened to the country he shepherded through the terror of World War II.

Locally, Dominion Resources is trying to lease land from Amherst County for a staging area of the construction for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. I call on Amherst County to be a good neighbor and a global energy steward by denying them the land. The pipeline would not be built if Dominion didn’t have the unjust laws on the books guaranteeing them a 14 percent return on their construction costs. Their customers will be forced to pay for this abomination plus 14 percent profit for helping to destroy the livability of the planet. Amherst, tell the fossil fuel peddler to “take a hike.” We can and must do better.



Rushing toward bankruptcy

We have allowed a federal government, created to provide a bond for common defense, to become the instrument of our destruction. The never-intended political power of the Democratic and Republican political parties is the cause of our impending financial doom. The president appears to be the only guiding light.

Ours was to be a nation governed by its people, but we have allowed political parties, in the House of Representatives, to put aside their responsibility to legislate and engage in political combat. We have allowed the voice of the sovereign states to be silenced in the Senate by amendment to Constitution-prescribed election methodology, thus making the sovereign states and their citizens nothing more than puppets to be manipulated.

The 2019 federal budget is $4.746 trillion. The expected tax revenue is $3.645 trillion. If there is no approved 2020 federal budget on Sept. 30, at the end of the 2019 budget year, there will be another Continuing Resolution that will require an increase in the national debt. Federal Social Security and Medicare financial expenditures to retirees are the result of earlier legislation that also obligated working age citizens, to participate in funding these programs.

“Payroll” taxes upon working-age citizens cause a reduction in their take home pay of 15.3 percent in addition to “income” taxes. In addition, the Earned Income Tax Credit, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance, Supplemental Security Income, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, Unemployment Insurance and Medicaid federal programs are designed to aid working-age citizens. We have created an intergenerational political competition for federal dollars because we have allowed the expansion of federal power into areas never intended by our Founders.

We have surrendered the political power of the states and their citizens to the “Establishment” political parties. Welcome to a bankrupt America.



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