Attacks on 'The Squad' hurt us all

What a week to be an American. Our president and his deplorables (yes, you are deplorable if you are still supporting this divisive, lying, racist, sexual predator) have lowered the bar for civil discourse to the point that the bar is now below ground level. The little man is so scared of progressive politicians that he must racially hound “The Squad” much like he did Barack Obama with all his “birther” lies. We must all recognize that unless we’re 100 percent Native American, we are immigrants.

President Trump may not be proud of his grandfather who really preferred Germany, but most of us are proud of our ancestors. Friedrich Trump was deported from Germany and told to never return. The family was from the town Kallstadt which is now embarrassed to be associated with him. “The Hill” reported last week that the mayor of the town is not keen on sending the president an invite to visit the town but he thinks Trump might learn about his own past in a visit. It seems the German authorities at the time took seriously Trump’s failure to do his military duty earlier in his life and thereby deported him. With the draft-dodging, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

Overseas, things are heating up in the Persian Gulf after Iran captured a British tanker in a tit-for-tat after British Marines captured an Iranian tanker off Gibraltar the week before. It’s not presently known how much American warmonger John Bolton is involved in dragging the British into a U.S./Iran squabble.

Only one Virginia representative favors starting an impeachment investigation of Donald Trump. Thank you, Rep. Don Beyer. And the rest of our congressional delegation wonder why I don’t think Democrats are worth very much. Does Trump have to personally kill people on the street to get them moving? When Trump wins in 2020, will the Democrats need to be told why? Because they did nothing in the face of his lies, racism and destruction of the ideals and values of the country.

Probably not surprising many, I stand with “The Squad.” They represent the youth, ideas, courage and energy it will take to bring this country back into the family of nations. We have been slipping badly in many measures of humanity through the last few decades when neoliberal policies have been popular with both political parties to the determent of the citizenry.

With the announcement that they have officially started construction on their offshore wind project, I salute Dominion Resources. Good work; let’s see more of this and less of your nasty pipeline. Take the $10 billion you were throwing at destabilizing the climate and invest in saving the atmosphere with clean offshore wind power.

Our future is not in further feeding a bloated and all-encompassing military but in investing in our citizenry, education, and health but most of all doing what is necessary to end the threat of climate change. If we don’t beat climate change we’ll go extinct. And that will be that.



Parties have sold us out

America’s Founders crafted a constitution prescribing the several duties of the federal government. Inherent in the content was the overriding authority of the sovereign states and thus fiscal control.

Through language gymnastics, the two national political parties transformed a federal government, with limited “Enumerated Powers” intended to provide a common defense bond, from being a servant of the people to being their master. For many years, “We the people” closed our eyes to what was happening. Our Founders’ dream of a nation governed by its people was being manipulated away.

We, as a people, should be terrified by the pronouncements of both Democrats seeking the presidential nomination and the younger Democratic additions to the Congress. The nation is bankrupt. We are $23 trillion in debt. They say, “Just tax the rich some more.” Do these experienced politicians not understand that these same “rich” are funding politicians’ campaigns, not for the nation’s benefit, but for their own?

The other side of the coin is equally distressing. Where are the Republican congressional proposals to remove the social programs that contribute to the debt? What do we do about the most expensive “mandatory” programs, Social Security and Medicare? These are the most difficult to end because, when younger, today’s recipients were specifically taxed to have these federal government commanded “insurance” policies.

Our failure to keep the political stature of the sovereign states supreme, which allowed vote buying social programs into a federal government intended only to provide a common defense role, is the underlying cause of our budget problems. If the Chinese succeed in amending the Bretton Woods Accord and replace the dollar as the international monetary standard with the yuan, our ability to just print money, as we do now, will be lost on the international stage.



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