Decisive action against Iran

I applaud President Trump for his decisive action again Gen. Qassem Soleimani, the terrorist who led numerous deadly actions again Americans, particularly our soldiers and those of our allies.

Americans must be aware of the cost of failing, the lack of leadership to do the right action at the right time. Our president held off immediate decisions to attack after Soleimani-related terrorist attacks in prior months and years. So many liberals are saying to stand down and see what happens next: Wait a little while longer, negotiate longer, let’s just leave, or why spend all this money. The immediate response was required to take out Soleimani, likely because the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad was going to be overtaken in a matter of days.

Soleimani arrived to take control of the event and essentially have another 1979 embassy seizure, but this time who knows what he planned to do with hundreds of American captives. In 2012, the $750 million embassy complex had reached a peak of 16,000 employees and contractors, with many hundred were present during the recent attacks. This fortified establishment helped ward off the most recent “Iranian” led attack. Yes, the highly classified source(s) reported as an “imminent attack” was known by a those with access.

Many of you say, let’s see the reporting with sources and methods. It is obvious these sources should not be released to protect individuals and technological means. “Imminent attack” means there is no time to brief Congress, who are desperate to have prior briefing, hearings lasting undoubtedly for months. The action required less than several minutes to have the desired impact.

I want a president who can make the hard decisions after weighing the facts. We have one, and I am proud of him. Americans have a president working hard to “keep America great again” and protect us with a military not to be reckoned with by countries tied to terrorism or terrorists like Soleimani.



War, and rumors of war

It’s time for the stupidity to stop. Now a second group of innocent civilian travelers have been sacrificed to the interminable U.S./Iran oil war.

In 1988, it was a U.S. warship that shot down an Iranian airliner with 290 victims, and now 30-plus years later, an Iranian missile has destroyed a Ukrainian airliner with 176 victims. Another group of parents, children, and relatives has to suffer through unimaginable loss and another missile operator has to finish his/her life knowing they made the mistake that took so many innocent lives.

But where did this begin? It’s hard to believe, but it began with the greed of Western oil magnates and their governments in 1954. In that year, the CIA assisted the United Kingdom in overthrowing the duly elected government of Iran after it briefly nationalized its oil reserves. The coup destabilized the country and started it on the road to the theocracy it is today.

This present disaster began with Donald Trump’s unilateral withdrawal from the 2015 nuclear weapons agreement between Iran and world leaders and the following re-establishment of U.S. economic warfare against Iran. Because of his insane jealousy of the constructive achievements of his predecessor Trump has acted the 5-year old destroyer. He is the bully kid who kicks over the sand castle or building block constructions of his playmates. He has spent the years of his presidency destroying the results of the last years of U.S. leadership in international statesmanship.

With Bully of State Mike Pompeo, reportedly the instigator of the recent U.S. terrorism on Iraq/Iran, Trump is now threatening both countries with more sanctions (economic warfare) should they not do his thuggish bidding.

Disgusting! Can we try to not be an international bully for a change? Americans would not put up with this from any foreign power; why does Washington heap it on others? Our politicians roll over for every rich donor but attack everyone else. Do we deserve these thugs? Is this the best we can elect? Perhaps we are too self-centered to be a world power and should be retired to a corner somewhere.

I believe it is way past time for Congress to re-establish its Constitutionally mandated role in managing U.S. military action. U.S. law, if applied, protects everyone from others who think they “deserve to die.” This might be the way of two-bit dictatorships but a civilized country doesn’t act that way.

This past week the House of Representatives passed a resolution going in this direction and I urge the Senate to take its responsibility in this matter.

It is also time to rein in the climate destroying inclination of our president. While Australia is burning and after Alaska had its warmest summer in recorded history the administration is planning to allow even more climate damaging activities by polluters. When will we learn?

What will be called the Senate’s impeachment debate will begin this week. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is perhaps the biggest partisan leader of the Senate in my lifetime; he regularly throws the Constitution under the bus to grease the wheels of Republican Party, so I expect nothing resembling justice from him. A traitor to the Constitution, he merely serves his rich donors.

I like to say and believe we can do better but have sincere doubts that we ever will as long as such petty men are in positions of power. They are a drag on the improvement of the country and mankind in general. Vote ’em out.



Elites ‘disrespect our heritage’

The federal government has three separate and distinct election processes for its elected officials.

For the House of Representatives, the Founders’ intent was that, while conducted state by state, the aggregate citizen vote would be nationwide. Elections would reflect state representation in the House and thus, before the 16th Amendment, prescribed the respective state’s cost of proposed legislation.

Election of senators was to be by each of the sovereign states’ legislative bodies to insure that any legislative amendment to the political responsibilities of the sovereign states, was approved by the sovereign states’ governing bodies, not a political party. This was true until the ratification of the 17th Amendment.

The separate election of the president was a combination of citizen vote to determine for whom the state’s Electoral College electors would vote and the number of votes each state had based upon state representation in the Congress.

We are seeing today, the abuse, by the political parties, of our Founders’ intentions regarding federal elections and concerns regarding the power of political parties. The Electoral College presidential election was designed to both shield the President from direct control by the Congress and concurrently insure the states’ and peoples’ voice in the federal government.

Today, the Democratic Party is attempting, through proposed state legislation, to void the Electoral College election of the president by advocating that states join the “National Popular Vote Interstate Compact.” The failure of the federal government to require only citizens be on the federal census allows “sanctuary city states” to improperly increase their representation in the House and Electoral College at the expense of “non-sanctuary city states.” National political party application of out-of-state campaign donations to selected campaigns mutes the voice of “in-district” citizens.

Our elite political establishment is deliberately disrespecting our heritage.



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