Good week for Putin but no one else

What a week for Vladimir Putin! The most powerful man on the planet raked in mountains of chips in his international poker game over the past week: His interference in the Brexit vote in Britain and the last presidential vote in the U.S. returned him unbelievable gains.

On Friday, Britain finally went its separate way with Brexit. This move not only relegates Britain to a very minor role in international affairs from now on, it also weakens the European Union’s economic bloc making it much easier for Putin to throw his weight around without using his military.

In the U.S., Putin scored even bigger. A pathetic Republican Senate rejected even witnesses and documentation as they heard the case for Donald Trump’s impeachment. It was a rubber-stamp trial bought and paid for by the mob boss.

The Republican insurgency has made it plain they want the United States to be a dictatorship. We have only the November election to deflect the possibility that a return to constitutional government may become very dangerous. I urge every responsible citizen to use the November election to defeat the Republican insurgency in Congress. I know there is the fringe right that believes only right-wing media, and I say forget them. They need to return to reality before they can enter the conversation. The vast middle of the electorate stands ready to be persuaded how poor this president has been.

The United States has become the laughingstock of the planet since Trump became president. He has just populated the Washington swamp with his own gators and crocs: He had no intention of draining such a lucrative piece of real estate. He is probably the most prolific liar ever to be president. He is such an admitted racist he can never unite the country: Sowing division is what he does. He rants against socialistic policies but quickly used them to save farmers from his own catastrophic trade wars. He is an admitted sexual predator and degrades the office every hour he holds it. He denies climate change, and his environmental policies endanger civilization. He will cut social, educational and environmental programs to give tax breaks to the richest citizens. He only brags on the economy, but with a trillion-dollar deficit, a dunce could buy a good economy. He has already shown he will continue to use his accomplices to shred the Constitution to get his way.

I have no doubt that even now he has contacted his buddy in the Kremlin and urged him to interfere with the 2020 election. Congress has done little to nothing to secure the election since 2016, so why not, reasons our Crook-in-Chief. Citizens, are you better off than you were four years ago? Is the country a better place to be? Are you prouder of what we as a nation have done in the past four years?

It’s a shame the Republican leadership put in the fix with no primary vote for a Republican candidate in Virginia because there are national challengers. As to the Democrats, the more a challenger enlightens the voting public with the facts about Trump, the more likely he/she is to get my vote. The more a challenger beats up on the other Trump challengers, the less likely they are to get my vote. Pretty simple. Trump has to go. That’s the simple objective of November 2020.

We can do so much better. Let’s make 2020 a hand that Putin loses.



An attack on our republic

Important political issues, created by Democratic successes in the 2019 General Assembly elections, are coming to the fore.

The Assembly is to put forth a legislative attack upon the Constitutional protections of Virginians, the “National Popular Vote Interstate Compact.” The Compact basically says that when sufficient states agree to the Compact to represent 270 Electoral College votes, those Compact states agree that their citizen-voted Electoral College Elector votes would be put aside for the national popular vote winner. The Compact vote count is now at 194.

To appreciate the hidden underlying issue, one must understand the vote count relationship between the Electoral College electors and the representatives in the two chambers of the Congress. They are the same. The House of Representatives continues to reflect a citizen part of the state’s Electoral College representation. The original purpose of the Senate, since amended in 1913, was to represent the common sovereignty of the state governments in a federalist government, not the people of the state. The election of the president is a blended election of both the sovereign states and the people of the states. The president thereby provides a single leadership voice for both the citizen and state government populations.

The Democratic-proposed Interstate Compact legislation effectively silences your voice in the election of the president. The national parties then could make the president a figurehead, not a leader. The power of national leadership would revert to the speaker of the House. We will then have a parliamentarian form of government, not a republic.

This state Interstate Compact legislation is not about state elections, it is about your representation in the election of the president of the United States. It is important for all citizens, Democrats and Republicans, to stand up now and actively oppose this legislation.



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