What makes Nelson County special

I have always loved living in Nelson County, and on Feb. 3, I was reminded, once again, that one of the main reasons for my love of Nelson is the wonderful people who live here.

As I was finishing up my errands that afternoon, my last stop was to be at the Lovingston Veterinary Hospital, where I purchased NexGard for our puppy, Carter. When I returned to my SUV to leave, I turned on the ignition to total silence. My Kia would not start.

My first call, as always, was to a mechanic friend of mine named Mike. Although he was not able to come to my assistance in person, he patiently walked me through several things to check and try to see if the vehicle would start. Unfortunately, nothing worked. I thanked him, he asked me to let him know the outcome, and we hung up. Sitting there, I asked myself, “What do I do now?”

At that moment, I saw a truck that was as big as my living room pull in to the veterinary parking lot. When the gentleman got out, I realized that it was Randy Powell, whom I have known for many years. After a few minutes, I followed him inside to ask if he had jumper cables. Ultimately, Randy and his jumper cables, along with two employees of the Lovingston Vet — Chris Baker (whom I knew when he was a student at NCHS) and Kaleb jumped my vehicle with Kaleb’s car. After expressing much gratitude to each of them, I went directly to Fisher Auto Parts on Front Street in Lovingston to purchase a new battery.

When I arrived at Fisher, I was greeted by a young man whom I had also known as a student at NCHS, Doug Branch, who could not have been more helpful. (In the meantime, Randy Powell came by Fisher’s to make sure that I had made it there safely.) Doug checked the charge on the battery, which read 9 volts, and re-entered the store to retrieve a replacement battery. After he installed it, he checked the date on the battery and informed me there was no cost to me, as my old battery was still under warranty.

While I was extremely pleased and relieved to learn that I did not have to pay for a new battery, I was even more grateful for something that money cannot buy — the kindness, support, friendship and feeling of kinship that comes from a community like Lovingston and Nelson County. To each one of these men who came to my rescue that day, I want to say, “Thank you.” And to the good Lord, I want to say, “Thank you” for bringing me to such a special place. While Nelson County offers beautiful scenery, many attractions and peaceful country living, it is the people who make it home!



A week to end all weeks

What a week!

Let’s start with the Presidential Medal of Freedom awarded to Rush Limbaugh during the State of the Union speech. Here are a few previous winners from the media: Edward R. Murrow, Walter Cronkite, William F. Buckley and Katharine Graham. All are people who demonstrated a sincere devotion to truth throughout their careers. Then there is Limbaugh, a man who has gained fame by distorting the truth and preaching a gospel of hatred and divisiveness to all who would listen. Leave it to Trump to recognize someone like Rush with this medal. Neither one would know the truth if it smacked them. Just when you think Trump can’t sink any lower when pandering to his base, he proves you wrong again!

Thank God for Mitt Romney. If you haven’t heard his speech to the Senate during the impeachment vote you should find it online and listen. At least there is one Republican senator who took both his oath to the Constitution and the teachings of his religion seriously. Too bad his Republican colleagues from the religious right didn’t have similar strength of their convictions. And at least there is one Republican senator who would be classified as a vertebrate.

As our president gloats his way through the post-impeachment period it would benefit him for someone on his staff who can use a dictionary to explain to him the difference between acquittal and innocence. He may have been acquitted, but he sure as heck did exactly what he was accused of. At some point, he will be held accountable.

February is the greatest month for presidential birthdays! On Feb. 12, we reflected on the life and amazing contributions Abraham Lincoln made to this country. We should all really miss Abe. Then, on Feb. 22, it’s George Washington’s birthday. Everyone should make a real effort to watch the new Washington series on the History channel that is coming up. Maybe President Trump will watch? He might learn something. More on George next week.



The presidential conductor

I just watched a video of our president mockingly “conducting the orchestra” during a playing of the national anthem before the Super Bowl. Everyone else appeared to have their hands over their hearts. Wonder what President Trump would have said if this was a video of one of the football players?

The man is mentally ill, and the sooner we are rid of him, the better.



Trump is now unfettered

A Trump-supporting friend of mine tried to rub it in this past week with the following, “Great googley moogley, Trump is free at last. He can now go after all those evil people who tried to do him wrong.”

He hit the nail on the head. President Trump is now free to do whatever he wants to do. He is the last president and first dictator of the United States. No matter that it has been proven many times that it is a lot harder to get a monster back in the cage than let him out, the Republicans have freed him from the restraints of the law.

Anyone who thought the impeachment would go anywhere else believes in the Easter Bunny and tooth fairy. The fix was in from the beginning yet it had to be done. Someone had to stand up for the Constitution, and I praise Speaker Nancy Pelosi for finally working up the courage to do so. For Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell I hold nothing but disdain; he went completely spineless when given his constitutional duty to do. If it takes the armed citizenry to now restore constitutional government to the United States every drop of blood spilled will run through the hands of McConnell and his Republican enablers in Congress. Lest you think I’m a bit over the top here, realize that with the abandonment of the law as a restraint, the only thing Trump has to fear is the armed masses. While many of you are so adamant on keeping all your firearms through the Second Amendment, please consider protecting the entire Constitution. Without the whole thing, the Second Amendment is a joke. Trump can let you keep all your guns but can make it a crime to own a round of ammo and not violate the Second Amendment. You can legally own a lot of fancy clubs.

A few more thoughts on this. I first read about Noam Chomsky’s characterization of the present Republican Party as an “insurgency” before the 2016 election and had somewhat dismissed it as excessive. My mistake; he was spot on. The present Republican Party is nothing like the GOP of even Ronald Reagan: It is the party of Trump and Vladimir Putin, of dictatorship, of nepotism, of revenge completely devoid of the rule of law. It seems that the citizenry has learned little or nothing from history. No matter how poorly the dictatorships of the past treated their citizens, usually millions killed or imprisoned, we are now going to see if ours will be any different. Good luck on that; we’ll need it.

Did many citizens notice that in history’s poorest State of the Union speech, the president didn’t mention bipartisanship, socialistic farm bailouts, election security, travel bans, detention centers or deportation, and, believe it or not, the greatest challenge currently facing mankind, climate change.

Two thoughts on the upcoming election. First, last week letter writer Bob Dewey had the result of the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact completely backwards. The result of this legislation, if it is adopted in enough states, is that every popular vote across the country will have equal weight as the national popular vote would elect the president. Secondly, I have no idea where to suggest anyone go for accurate information this electoral season. The bots, trolls and other internet media liars are already out in great numbers. Do you get your food by dumpster diving? Getting your information from social media is the same thing. Best of luck in finding the good stuff, the needles of value in the haystack of BS.

We can do so much better.



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