In praise of the common man

As I turned on my light this morning, I had a moment of gratitude for all electricians. Where would we be without them? As I turned on the shower I couldn’t help but appreciate the plumbers of the world! As I took a drink of water I realized, wow, it takes a man with brains and muscle to dig a well that brings me one of my most basic human necessities. I look at my home and see the wonder of what architects and carpenters contribute to my well being. As I turn the key to my car and it starts just as expected, I think about our local mechanics that keep all of us on the road.

And with every meal I am acutely aware of how grateful we all should be to the men and women that raise cattle and nurture the earth that brings us our food of such variety. And then the roofers, the road workers, the doctors, nurses, dentists, seamstresses, and on and on I go in my mind realizing how we all, for the most part, work together, contributing what we know and are capable of doing. We get along quite well because we are a thinking, reasoned and moral people.

And then, in a moment of weakness, I turn on the radio. As I listen to just a small dose of mainstream news, I wonder, who are these people that decide what shall be the “news” that they fill the airways with? The subject matter seems to be of the same theme that it has been for well over forty years. They talk about racism, guns, terrorists and how fearful life is. There is an enemy around every corner and sometimes it is us! All their news, from around the world, is filled with fear, doubt and insecurity. And a very basic theme from the typical politician in Washington, D.C., is that we need them to guide and protect us! Although there are many thousands of laws they have given us, bad people just don’t care about their laws. So how on earth can they even discuss adding another one as being part of any solution?

I turn off the radio, and poof, their reality beomes one big nothing!

Most of the people that grew up here in Nelson County don’t need any of what the mainstream news tells us every day. The American Spirit lives in the hearts and minds of the people who make this county what it is. And most of them know that each and every one of us are responsible to protect, nourish and take care of ourselves, our families, our friends and our neighbors. Most of them own guns and know that it is a bad person that commits crimes, not the gun. And most of them are capable, confident, fearless men and women, who know their worth, their value and their sovereignty. You, my friends, are the reality of what has always made American liberty world renown and I long for the moment when someone talks about you on mainstream news!

With gratitude,



Guns, climate and hope

First, to the problem of gun control. And to be honest here, I’m one of those liberal guys who believe good gun control is being able to hit what you’re aiming at. I’ve been around guns my entire life and trained three sons in the proper and safe handling of guns.

That said I see no reason at all for individuals to need an assault-style weapon or any magazine that would hold over five rounds, rifle, handgun or shotgun. If you can’t hit your target with five rounds maybe you should be in a different game.

It has been theorized that the Constitution’s Second Amendment was written to help out-numbered whites terrorize their slave populations. The wannabe masters are still at that today. Hence the answer to the problem. I can almost guarantee that if the vast majority of buyers were non-white males and females of any race assault weapons and high capacity magazines would soon be illegal to buy and own. Buyers wearing “Antifa” clothing would make that happen even sooner.

The other week, we learned that for the second month is a row the planet probably set a new high temperature record. We know June set a new monthly global record. We know Alaska blew away its old July record by an entire degree. Since a vast area in Alaska is underlain with perma-frost that is melting this heat is releasing additional carbon to the atmosphere. And this carbon is contributing to increasing atmospheric heating. The melting is also adding liquid water to the world’s oceans.

But Alaska was not alone; all across the High Arctic high temperature records were smashed. There were massive wildfires over much of Siberia; even Greenland reported wildfires. The Danish authorities who monitor Greenland’s ice sheet reported a 12.5 billion ton melt on Aug. 1 alone, the new daily record.

Still our politicians dawdle as the planet burns. It seems that this is one group that hasn’t learned anything since the Roman Empire’s collapse.

Lately, we have intensified our economic warfare against Venezuela. It seems we are determined to have the citizenry submit to our chosen leader for their country or starve. Do our leaders now even recognize how destructive their actions are to millions of ordinary people around the globe? How do they sleep at night after causing pain to such multitudes? And why do the supposedly educated citizens of this country still support the actions of these racist sociopaths? It seems some things are beyond my comprehension.

Locally, it appears that our hated pipeline project will be subjected to additional court justification. I submit that a competent judge can easily determine the Atlantic Coast Pipeline has no justification except greed. It is an affront to the future citizens of the planet. We have no additional need for fossil fuel infrastructure, and it is in our best interest to follow the lead of the Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg as she calls for actions that won’t destroy the planet’s ability to support human life. I see in her and others like her reasons for hope. With today’s idiotic Washington a little hope can go a long way.



A ‘societal problem’

The events at El Paso and Dayton have again raised the question of what is causing mass killings. One might also ask why the weekly events in Chicago and elsewhere go unnoticed? People want answers, and gun control is the topic of the day. Years of attempting to use this rationale to solve the problem have failed. These failures occur because guns have been the weapon, but not the cause. In the Middle East, explosive vests are the rage. The cause is the killer, not the weapon.

Before 1970, the killing events were small and random. The concept of family began to change in the early 1970s. Beginning in the 1980s, the number of mass shootings per decade began to rise in relative scale to abortions, out-of-wedlock pregnancies and divorces. Today, the family stability, known to today’s senior citizens when children, does not exist in a large sector of the American population. We know that, except for one instance in California where a wife participated with her husband in a mass murder, all of the rest were executed by men. It is therefore reasonable to consider that boys and girls, as children, react differently to family situations resulting in different and, sometimes unacceptable, adult behavior.

This societal issue has two parts — the decline in religious belief across the nation and the absence of parents for sons.

Mothers cannot be replaced with daycare nannies as sons need their mother’s personal relationship, and their absence deprives sons, in the absence of the husband, the need to be the “man of the house.” Fathers are needed to set the example. We see this lack of responsibility for boys to care for their mothers displayed also in sexual assault charges.

We have a societal problem, not a gun problem. Parents are responsible for the adult conduct of their children, not government.



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