Writer: We're not 'deplorables'

I’m writing in response to Mike Tabony’s remarks in his July 25 letter to the editor about all Trump supporters being deplorable.

Tabony is entitled to his opinion, as we are supposed to be a free speech country but to put down the people that voted for and support Donald Trump is not compatible with the values of this country. Many of us did not vote for Hillary Clinton as we knew her corrupt history and to add to that the fact that she cared so little about the national security of our country that she allowed classified information to show up on even a sex offender’s computer was the final straw.

As far as his support for the “Squad,” these people are supposed to be working for our country yet many of their remarks put down Americans and Israel, our ally. Rep. Ilhan Omar dismissed 9/11 as “some people did something.” That “something” killed 3,000 people and that remark was an attack on the families of those people who died on that day. Also, she mistakenly stated CAIR was formed after that attack, it actually was formed in 1994. Trump has every right to criticize this group, it has nothing to do with racism.

Anytime a conservative makes a remark or criticism they are called racists; it’s a favorite Democrat ploy. If you are criticizing them for their policies or actions, it is not racist, if you are targeting their race or color it is, I have not seen Trump do that. Trump is not selective in his attacks, he will call out anyone who he disagrees with, regardless of race, creed or color. As far as being divisive, I would say it is the Democrats who are trying to divide our country. They constantly attack the president, have been demanding impeachment since he was elected, promote violence against Trump supporters, with their group Antif which physically attacks conservatives and shuts down their free speech rights, especially on college campuses. This group calls themselves anti-fascists when in fact they are the fascists. Nobody in this country should be physically attacked for expressing their views, yet this is what the radical left support. It seems they want to destroy this country. Just look at their socialist agenda and their Green New Deal which would totally destroy our economy.

Let’s also not forget their late-term abortion ideas. New York actually cheered when they passed the law to allow abortion as late as 9 months. These are not fetuses but babies. Virginia favored abortion even when the mother is in labor and from our governor’s remarks even beyond. There is no reason to abort a baby that far along, in almost all cases, it is safer for the mother to give birth to the baby than to kill it at that stage. And yet these same people feign outrage at separating children from their mothers at the border.

I pray that people stop listening to the biased news media and start researching on their own. They are constantly being lied to, by not only twisting the news but also by outright omission of the news, when it doesn’t fit their agenda. Pay attention and question the stories you hear. No, Trump is not a racist, and we are all not deplorable, but we are people who are not brainwashed by the propaganda the news constantly spews out. Open your minds to everything and you will most likely find the truth lies somewhere in between.



Thanks for dinner support

On behalf of Unity in Community Outreach Ministry, we would like to thank those who supported our first Benefit Banquet on July 13 at the Nelson Heritage Center. Without your generous support this event could not have been a success.

Many thanks to our UIC members, committee members, Rev. James Rose and the Nelson Heritage Center. Many willing hearts and hands helped to make this event successful.

Again, thank you, and God bless you.


President, Unity in Community Outreach Ministry

No sense of irony

I have often lamented there must be something in the water around here that causes some folks to lose their sense of irony.

Prior to a recent public hearing regarding a proposed development in Afton, a relatively new nearby subdivision placed a sign at their entrance that read “Keep Afton Rural.” At a recent school budget hearing, people who do not reside in Nelson County, have no children in the system and make no contribution to the primary funding source for our schools saw no irony in demanding that those of us who do contribute more so they can draw larger salaries and/or enjoy more perks, with no guarantee that our kids would be better educated.

As a final example, Mike Tabony apparently sees no irony in starting last week’s letter by calling our president everything but a milk cow and describing all Trump supporters as “deplorable” and then proceeding to lecture us about “civil discourse”!

When you cut through all the name calling, the gist of Tabony’s letter was to rail against our president while defending “The Squad.” Again, I find this ironic. He rails against a president with an approval rating in the forties while defending a group whose individual approval ratings range from single digits to the low twenties. If I found myself aligned with a group of socialists with approval ratings that low, and against nearly half the American electorate, I’d engage in introspection rather than name calling. I guess it just hasn’t occurred to Tabony that he could possibly be the one that is wrong.

The opinions expressed herein have not been endorsed by any group with which I am affiliated.



Global warming and Putin

Today I must start my observations in Europe as the continent roasted last week. Paris’ temperature climbed over 108 degrees F. France, Belgium, Germany, the UK and the Netherlands shattered records, some of which extended back to 1815 in the unprecedented heat. These countries have few air-conditioned homes so the populace has to suffer through it.

This week the same mass of hot air will be bringing a heat wave to Greenland. That is a very rare occurrence but much of the ice-covered island will be basking in 70 degree-plus temperatures and, as you might expect, there will be a lot of melting going on. For those with property at sea level this should be a concern. Folks, if we don’t take climate change seriously and solve it by rejecting fossil fuels we are wasting time with our other difficulties. Every time you turn the key on a fossil-fuel engine, you’re heating up the world so make sure you really need to do that. And for all of you who don’t believe in climate change, nature doesn’t care what you believe. The laws of physics will continue to ignore your beliefs. And those of our nitwit President.

Last week, the Puerto Ricans showed us how to get rid of the president. They didn’t wait for the opposition party to get moving. In just 16 days of massive demonstrations, they ran their governor out of his job. If they can do it, why can’t we? Our racist president makes their governor seem like an angel. I believe there should be general strikes and massive demonstrations in big U.S. cities. If 3 million citizens gather in Washington calling for his resignation, the racist rodent can easily visualize how badly he lost the 2016 popular vote. And we should continue until he is gone. If the Dems want to impeach him or jail him let them work it out with his successor.

Are there enough concerned citizens in the United States that will stand up to this vermin and his “Brownshirt” wannabes? If the answer to that question is “No,” we deserve what we’ll get. More lying, bullying and incompetence while his partners funnel the nation’s wealth into their pockets.

Well, this past week the British finally did it and made the clown their prime minister. Boris Johnson is now clamoring for a “no-deal Brexit,” and what’s left of the United Kingdom is heading for the exits. Scotland is again considering a separation referendum, which I think is now a certainty. We are entering a new global dark age as the beacons of freedom, as pale as they were, are extinguished by the hands of corporate greed and political ignorance and arrogance.

Vladimir Putin sure seems to be the best global strategist on the planet today. Using his cyberwarfare group he has turned the U.S. and the U.K. into bumbling idiots. In the U.S., he still has the treasonous Republican leadership in his pocket as last week they refused to further protect our voting systems from his 2020 meddling. We could do so much better. But will we?



2020 election a watershed

From our Founders’ dream of a nation governed by its people to “Big Brother” and “Proles.”

Census Bureau Data shows that between 1950 and 2016 the entire United States southern border, Gulf and West Coast state populations have increased in excess of 200 percent. This change in population location means that the voting power of these states is over 100 percent greater today than in 1950 compared to the rest of the country. There are today several other factors guiding the Democrat’s efforts in preparation for the 2020 election.

1. The Democrats have effective experience with “Identity” politics, thus the daily application of “racist” descriptions to Trump/Republican citizens.

2. Democratic Party advocacy of the “National Popular Vote Interstate Compact” is to void an Electoral College presidential election and install a nationwide “Popular” vote election using the Electoral College.

3. The Democrats’ advocacy of “Open Borders” and free social programs, creates a rise in immigrant “anchor” babies, who automatically become citizens because of the 14th Amendment. This amendment was never intended to apply in this manner. It has become the avenue for immigrant parents and extended family to attain citizenship and voting rights.

4. The Democratic Party’s strong objection to the census citizen question advocates non-citizen standing in congressional representation and presidential elections.

5. The more-than-100-year-long Democratic effort to remove the sovereign states from the national political landscape has been successful. Senators today represent their parties, not their states, thereby removing the voice of the states from the Congress. Republicans must share this burden.

Democrats must be complimented for their outstanding development and implementation of a political campaign methodology to insure a strong “Congressional Inner Party” and the Executive Branch “Dark State, Outer Party.” The only thing standing in their way to “1984” rule is the 2020 election.



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