Wood, CVEC just what Nelson needs

Once in a while a leader in business or government comes along that has the “right stuff.” I want to add Central Virginia Electric Co-operative’s Gary Wood to the list of those individuals making important things happen for the betterment of residents of Nelson County and Central Virginia.

He and his leadership team on the Firefly Broadband initiative are bringing 21st century opportunities to rural residents in ways that we are just beginning to realize. Ways that urban residents have long enjoyed! Educational opportunities of every kind are finding delivery via the Internet today, including enhanced K-12, higher education and elective life-long learning services delivered to our homes.

For businesses located in Nelson the opportunity is enormous! No longer will we be considered the backwoods of the commonwealth dependent on consumption related businesses, unable to attract other opportunities for lack of a modern communications infrastructure. As an ed-tech business owner of a company having close to 100 employees located in the U.S. and Canada (at the time of my retirement in 2015), I was forced to locate our headquarters at the turn of the century outside Nelson. Reason: there was no broadband. Our employees all work virtually from home, managed from our Waynesboro and Denver offices.

Another benefit from the Firefly Broadband service, which was turned on at my house two weeks ago, is a nice lowering of household expenses like phone and satellite TV service. It’s rare when such a win-win comes along these days. Thank you, Gary!



Is this what you want?

We know that not all Trump voters in the last election and all future Trump voters are not all cross-burning, knuckle-dragging troglodytes. They are our neighbors and deserve respect.

Nevertheless, we have to ask them, “Is this what you want in a president and for the future of our country?” Do they want a president:

» who lies constantly,

» who attacks people of color, regions and cities and generally pits one group against others,

» who labels anyone who disagrees with him as un-American,

» who has a long history of abuse of women,

» whose singular legislative achievement is to put us deeper in debt and transfer your tax dollars to the richest people in America and the richest corporations,

» whose election was in part aided by the Russian government with the active encouragement of the Trump campaign and whose reelection will be aided by the same government and

» who wants the people whose job it is the keep the country safe to only tell him what he wants to hear?

The list goes on and even some members of the Republican Party acknowledge some of them.

If this is what you truly want, all I can say is God help us all.



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