Writer: McCann in West District

I am writing in support of Ed McCann for Republican candidate representing the West District of Nelson County on the Board of Supervisors.

I consider him to be most trustworthy, dedicated, hardworking and respected leader, someone who is respected and is concerned for those in need. His work with the students in the Future Farmers of America program at the high school has brought national recognition and attention to our county. As a respected teacher, he has certainly been instrumental in helping mold many young minds. It has been obvious to me how much his former students respect him. The fact that he is recently retired will give him time to focus on this challenge. McCann also is blessed to be surrounded by a very supportive family.

Voters in the West District are asked to register at the Republican mass meeting on April 27 in Lovingston by 3 p.m.



McCann for supervisor

Ed McCann is seeking the Republican nomination for the soon-to-be-vacated seat on the Nelson County Board of Supervisors representing the West District. I have personally known him for over 20 years and know him to be a man of honesty, integrity and commitment to Nelson County and believe the West District could not ask for a better leader and representative. I am confident that he will work as tirelessly for Nelson County as he did for 38 years for the success of the agriculture program, students and FFA at Nelson County High School.

He has gained leadership experience through his various roles in the Nelson County Public School system, the Virginia Community College system the Nelson County Farm Bureau Board of Directors and his church. His knowledge and experience gleaned from these roles will help in his efforts to preserve Nelson County’s agricultural industry and meet the needs of Nelson County schools and students.

He plans to work with the other supervisors to control and prioritize local government spending, promote local businesses, expand broadband and wireless services, enhance law enforcement and emergency services and improve communication with the Virginia Department of Transportation.

The Nelson County Republican Committee’s mass meeting will be held at 3 p.m. April 27 at the Masonic Lodge behind the public library. I urge West District Republican voters to vote for Ed McCann Sr. for the West District Republican Party nomination for Board of Supervisors.



Thanks to my supporters

This is a letter addressed to the 147 kind people who signed my petition to run for South District Supervisor in the upcoming election this November. You spoke to me in your yards or front steps, and some invited me into their homes. You are friends, neighbors and new acquaintances who gave of your time and, for that, I’m forever grateful.

On this past Valentine’s Day I had every intention of running but found out I was to be a part of a vast sisterhood that I never pledged to. I was diagnosed with breast cancer and learned that (a) one in seven women in this country have or have had breast cancer and (b) my journey was just beginning. I had a port inserted in my chest, I have four total AC treatments, 12 treatments of Taxol, surgery and radiation yet to go. This, effectively, puts me out of the running for this election.

The people who signed my petition were Republicans, Democrats and independents. They all heard of my concern about keeping our local schools strong and for keeping the environment of Nelson County clean and safe for our future generations and finding economic opportunities for our county that do not compromise the health and beauty of our surroundings. We know each other here! Vote for the person who is selfless, who will work for the good of the county, the children and the future of 7 generations hence.

Oh, in closing, ladies, get your mammogram — your family is counting on you. Love to you all.


Nelson County


Camille programs continue

Thanks to Nelson County Times reporter Erin Conway for her excellent coverage of the Historical Society’s April 7 program, “Nelson Before and After Camille,” led by Dick Whitehead. A volunteer steering committee of Nelson residents who lived through Camille has spent hundreds of hours preparing for a series of programs to preserve memories of Camille’s victims and the heroic work by both local and outside people in the wake of the flood. Thanks also to all who attended and showed their support for the work of the Historical Society.

The next Camille program is on Sunday, April 28 at 2 p.m., on the local response to the Camille emergency. The program will be presented by Phil Payne, whose father Dan Payne was one of the group of private citizens and county officials who stepped up in the immediate aftermath of the flood to mobilize search and recovery efforts to find survivors and locate victims. The presentation includes photos and short video interviews with some of these first responders. Payne’s presentation will include descriptions of the actions taken by Supervisor Cliff Wood, Sheriff Bill Whitehead, Court Clerk Austin Embrey, Drs. Harry Gamble and Robert Raynor, attorneys Robert Goad and Sam Eggleston Jr., the Rev. John Gordon and others, many of them teenagers at the time as Phil was. What they did to help their fellow Nelsonians through the worst natural disaster to ever hit Virginia should never be forgotten.

The program will be at the Nelson Center on U.S. 29 in Lovingston.



Nelson County Historical Society

Congrats to Times, Luther

After decades of travel throughout the United States and the globe with the U.S. military, we retired to Nelson County, where we’ve been residents for 15 years now.

Throughout those early years, wherever Mark was stationed, we made a point of subscribing to the nearest major newspaper. We’ve read a lot of newsprint.

No big-city newspaper, however, has featured sports photography that equals the work of Lee Luther Jr. He manages to capture the suspense, anxiety, determination and sheer joy of playing sports so very well through his work. It was a delight to us to read in the Nelson County Times that he’s been recognized by the Virginia Press Association for his fine work in 2018.

Kudos, and congratulations to him on this well-deserved honor.



Trump and the Electoral College

Last week, Attorney General William Barr says Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report will have portions redacted, but they would be color-coded to indicate why the information could not be released. I wonder what color will be used to cover up any statements that will portray Donald Trump as the liar he is. I suggest they use yellow for that because he loves his gold but waters it down so he can brag about having more than he does.

And Barr is adding his own smoke screen on the redacted criminality of the president with his claims that Trump’s campaign was spied upon. That has been admitted. Almost every federal law enforcement organization in the country was shocked into opening investigations trying to find out if this clown candidate was working with the Russians or whether he was just dumb enough to give that impression. And thanks to Department of Justice tampering with the Mueller Report we may never learn which it was.

Also last week, another letter writer lambasted the idea that the president of the United States should be elected by the voters of the United States. He thinks the idea that the several states should pledge their Electoral College votes to the winner of the national popular vote is somehow undemocratic. That, sir, is the only truly democratic way. Let the statewide popular vote elect state officeholders and the national popular vote elect the president and vice president.

And I’d be remiss in neglecting to mention that the citizens of the nation were absolutely correct in the 2000 election where Al Gore got more of their votes than did George W. Bush. As we all know Bush, with the help of the Republicans on the U.S. Supreme Court, was anointed president. With his sidekick Dick “Strangelove” Cheney, he sent the U.S. careening down the slope that ended in the Great Recession and endless wars. If someone ever calculates what his mismanagement of the country cost, I would imagine it would total into the tens of trillions of dollars. And that was just the Bush administration.

Where will the present clown president and his band of ruthless destroyers of the American ideals leave us? The citizens should rise up and demand that all states go with the popular vote. Finally, sir, what would you be squalling about if the shoe were on the other foot and “the Donald” had won the popular vote but lost the Electoral College vote? Would you have marched on Washington with him to denounce the Electoral College vote and demand he be seated? I suspect so.

We can do so much better and with the help of a popular-vote-elected president we have a better chance at doing so.



Don’t forget Assembly elections

Absent thoughts from the Republican Party of Virginia regarding why Virginians should vote in this very important “Off, off year” election, please allow me to express some issues that must be considered by Virginians. It is necessary to place this election in context with what is going on in both Richmond and Washington. Since federal elections are constitutionally instructed to be designed by each of the several states, the political affiliation of members in the General Assembly becomes very important. Complicating the situation is the 2016 election of President Trump. The president, the expressed leader of the Republican Party, is opposed by not only a “lock step” Democratic caucus but an anti-Trump contingent in the Republican Party. We see this evident every day in Washington.

This Virginia General Assembly election is important. Consider the potential issues. Should financing of congressional races be restricted to residents of the specific district? The national political parties have the ability to garner funds from across the nation and apply them to a particular congressional district candidate. In winning, the candidate becomes beholden to the party, not his/her district constituents. Further, with the ratification of the 16th Amendment that separated taxation from congressional representation, the citizen has no idea as to the financial obligation their representative has obligated the state in return for legislation that may be of no benefit to their state.

We know the easy state ones, postpartum abortions and sanctuary cities. How about the other hidden ones like citizen identification on the census that impacts the Electoral College results, representation in the Congress and distribution of federal funds and the state compact to vote for the higher popular vote candidate regardless of the vote of the residents of the state?

Virginians, this is a very important election. Know the issues, know the candidates and vote.



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