Writer: McCann for supervisor

I am writing in support of Ed McCann for Republican candidate representing the West District of Nelson County on the Board of Supervisors.

He is one of the hardest working and most dedicated individuals that I know. His dedication to the Nelson County FFA program took our FFA chapter to being one of the top chapters in not only the state of Virginia but also in the nation. As an agriculture teacher at Nelson County High School, he has worked with the farmers and forestry industry of Nelson County over the past 40 years and is always willing to help out any way he can. He has served our county for the past 40 years as a teacher ,and the fact that he is willing to now serve as a supervisor speaks volumes to this man’s love of Nelson County.

I hope that everyone will support him and that all of you registered voters from the West District show up at the Republican mass meeting in Lovingston on April 27 to cast your ballot to get him on the ballot for Board of Supervisors elections in November.



An administration of lies

The phrase “drain the swamp” was one of candidate Donald Trump’s promises. Instead, he filled his cabinet with former lobbyists who have made it their jobs to enrich their former bosses rather than help the people. He wanted his opponent investigated and charged for using a private email server, but his daughter and son-in-law both use private servers for government business while the president uses an unsecure phone even though he has been told that China and Russia have been listening in. Why is no one saying “Lock them up”?

The immigration problem keeps expanding under the current administration, but Trump’s solution is to demand $8.6 billion to build a wall that is not popular and would not work. His $4.6 trillion budget would enlarge our deficit to its highest ever. So much for the promise to balance the budget. Trump promised to stop North Korea from possessing nuclear weapons, but they are being expanded.

But it is our everyday lives that will be most severely hurt by the broken promises to preserve Social Security and Medicare (those socialist programs I depend on) and health care in general. Trump has proposed more than $800 billion in Medicare cuts as well as cuts to Medicaid and Social Security. And now he wants to eliminate the Affordable Care Act even though there is no back-up plan. This would immediately cut more than 20 million people from health insurance and cut out insurance to those with pre-existing conditions, which would eliminate another 50-100 million people from having health insurance.

And now the president says he is totally exonerated by the Mueller Report even though Attorney General William Barr quoted Special Counsel Robert Mueller as saying he is not exonerated from obstruction of justice. For the first time ever a special counsel report will not be given to Congress or to the public in its entirety. It is time for the Senate and House of Representatives to do their job of checks and balances. This is not a dictatorship.



Release the Mueller Report

Well, another week has gone by, and I’ve not yet seen the famous Mueller Report. All of Donald Trump’s little elves are busy editing it. No collusion, yeah, right. Give these folks this much time and the released report will be useful only if you forget to buy toilet tissue. I found it very amusing when I read in the news that the president wouldn’t be changing the report. It would be very big news if he was going to change it as that would imply that he has actually read it. When he reads anything longer than a tweet, it’s news. I also read he plans to close the border with Mexico this week; that should go over well with the hundreds of U.S. manufacturers who depend on parts from Mexico.

That the United States was completely ignored by the Europeans and Chinese at a trade meeting this week exhibited in no uncertain terms that we are rapidly losing influence in the Trump era. In addition to our present impotency, the United Kingdom slid further into chaos with the latest defeat of the Brexit deal. Vladimir Putin has to be having some of the best days of his life as he expands the reach of his country into the vacuum left by these two past Western leaders.

Folks, we are going in the wrong direction to achieve any form of “greatness” I’m familiar with. In this vein, one of the other commenters in last week’s Nelson County Times implied that Trump was going to govern after being elected. Govern? Governing again requires that one read and understand things; the Trump I see acting as a circus barker couldn’t govern a kindergarten, much less a country. Trump has done one thing since being elected: He has helped the rich get much richer; he has done nothing for the masses that attend his rallies except entertain them with his rants and lies.

It is time for the Democrats to move beyond the Russian collusion of our president. Even interviewing Mueller publically will not be of much use as much of our population has lost its ability to accept factual evidence no matter how blunt and important it is. Just look at climate change if you need an example. This past month, Alaska has basked in new warmth as much of the state has set new and almost unbelievable temperature records yet we and our leaders ignore this reality. In addition, much of the country has lost all respect for our laws, so a charlatan thug like Trump who brags he could publically kill people and not lose a vote becomes an inevitability.

If you need an example of how callous we are with our laws go out on U.S. 29 and drive the speed limit. You will be almost a traffic hazard to the mass of lawbreakers who will pass you. I did this recently on a trip between Colleen and Charlottesville and passed one vehicle while being passed by many, many more. Try it yourself. Are we in our ignorance, arrogance and lawlessness unique? I think not. It was probably this way in all empires during their final days, when their glory was behind them and they were existing solely on the momentum of their history. Does it have to be this way? Again, I think not. But I have little evidence that we can ever be great again. I do know if we continue to worship our military, our rather worthless currency and a circus clown President, we’ll never again reach for the stars or provide any form of leadership worth mentioning. Greatness is grounded in knowing reality and respecting the laws of both nature and your government.

We can do better, so much better.



State GOP is slacking off

Another week has gone by, and the silence of the Republican Party of Virginia continues. A very important state election is before us. It is one thing for a political party to dictate a particular political position; it is another for a party leadership to fail to advance its political concepts to seek citizen support. Silence is a dark omen.

There is no question as to the political platform upon which the Virginia Democratic Party leadership and constituents stand. First off, anything that President Trump does is bad and sanctuary cities in Virginia are good. Postpartum abortions are good. Gratuitous federal handouts are good. “Identity politics” in statewide elections, that allow a party to focus on a single candidate and ignore the aggregate will of the people, is good. Nationwide campaign funding of selected congressional districts is good.

If these are the backbone of the 2019 Democratic Party state government campaign, is it not a reasonable question to ask the Virginia Republican leadership, “Where does the Republican Party stand”?

There is some merit in the proposition that you are voting for the candidate, not his/her position on a particular issue. Unfortunately, the companion to that posture is the surrendering of our Founders’ concept of a nation governed by a politically knowledgeable and attentive people reflected in their elected representatives. The Founders’ complementing concept was the sovereign states’ responsibility to affirm or reject the federal government’s legislative proposals, which leads to the question, are Virginia’s United States senators representing the residents of Virginia or their political party? The failure of states to assert their responsibility in governing the nation has led us to the national political debacle we are in today.

The Republican Party of Virginia appears unwilling to lay out its concept of governance around which Virginians can rally.



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