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It has been my pleasure to know Edward McCann Sr. for the past 25 years. His devotion to the agriculture program at Nelson County High School is unparalleled. He has touched the lives of thousands of Nelson County teenagers and pointed them into successful futures.

McCann is seeking the Republican nomination for the office of West District Supervisor. I ask any and all voters registered in the West District to attend the Republican Mass Meeting on April 27 and cast a vote in his favor. The meeting will begin at 3 p.m. at the Fleetwood-Harmony Masonic Lodge located behind the Nelson Memorial Library in Lovingston.

McCann will devote the attention and effort that the position requires, just as he did while teaching. He is retired, so this will be a first priority job for him, not a status position. Please show your support for the future of Nelson County by attending and voting for him. His platform is honesty and hard work.



Putting the facts in context

This is a response to several letters the April 4 issue of The Nelson County Times.

First, the remark about President Trump’s son-in-law and his wife using private email accounts and comparing it to Hillary Clinton’s email use. They set up a private email server during the first 9 months of the presidency. However, they did not set up a private server as Clinton did. All non-personal emails were preserved. According to his lawyer, none contained classified information. On the other hand, Clinton’s decision to sidestep government emails and also using a private server was unprecedented. She also had classified material on her server and some high level classified. She deleted 30,000-plus emails before the government was able to review them. So although Jared Kushner should not have had a private email account, it does not compare to Clinton’s, which continued through the four years she was Secretary of State.

The comment about Trump cutting Medicaid, Social Security and Medicare for more than $800 billion needs some clarification. First of all, that figure is over the next 10 years, not just this year. Let’s start with Medicare. These cuts will not affect the people under Medicare, but is targeting the providers. The Medicare reductions are between $515 billion and $575 billion over 10 years, according to the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, a nonpartisan research organization. Some of the proposed reforms will reduce costs by changing the underlying structure and incentives of Medicare components. For instance, one proposal will set a payment for a particular treatment. Previously, the payment was different depending on where the procedure was done. Now pay will be based on the treatment, rather than the location. The committee estimates that 85 percent of these cuts will come from reductions in provider payments, 5 percent would come from policies around medical malpractice and 11 percent reducing drug costs through the Medicare part D program. So these Medicare cuts will not affect the recipients of Medicare, but rather the providers.

The Social Security, however is a little different. The cuts to Social Security are not to the retirement part of Social Security but the disability part. I’m certainly not condoning this, as people on disability certainly should not have their benefits cut. They claim that the money found will be from cutting down on fraud, but that is certainly a debatable point. The cut in this is $25 billion over 10 years. I doubt this will be passed, but the fact it is being proposed is concerning.

As for the Medicaid cuts, the reforms include adding work requirements and repealing Medicaid expansion. His proposal wants to transform the current pay as needed system to a block grant, giving states a capped lump sum, if the states go over that they will need to fund the difference. Not really sure if that is a good idea or that it will work

However, I would be more worried about what the Democrats are proposing. The current candidates want to give our health care benefits to the illegal immigrants. Not only our health care benefits, but at least one of the candidates has said the illegals also deserve Social Security. This frightens me more than Trump’s cuts.

As for the immigration problem, it is certainly not Trump’s fault that these caravans are coming to our borders. The people working at the border, who are the ones that know more than anyone what is needed, state that a border wall will significantly help. No, it is not the complete answer, but it is an important component. I trust their consensus, certainly not the Democrats in Congress who have not gone down there and seen the problem and don’t even want to listen to the experts. I think they should all be forced to go down there and see the problem first hand before giving their opinion; 100,000 have come through this month and if it keeps up 1 million will come in this year. The Democrats advocate giving them all benefits up to free college. How much money is that going to cost us taxpayers? A hell of a lot more than the border wall.

As for the Mueller Report, Attorney General William Barr could release it unredacted to Congress, but I think he is hesitant to do that because we seem to have the problem of information being leaked out, even classified information. Unfortunately this has become way too common. The report stated there was absolutely no collusion for Trump. Mueller left the decision on obstruction of justice to Barr and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to determine. They both reviewed it and decided there was no obstruction which was pretty obvious. Sadly, a lot of Democrats are disappointed that our president wasn’t colluding with a foreign government; what a disgrace that they wanted it to be true.



Slowly making progress

Well, they said it couldn’t be done, but we do seem to be making progress in shelving the archaic Electoral College method of electing our president. The really good news here is that we don’t need a constitutional change to remove this mess from our lives if enough states agree to it. Each state has the option to do it their way. At least 14 states have now joined a compact in pledging their Electoral College Votes to the winner of the national popular vote. At present, there are no solidly Republican-controlled states in the compact (no surprise there), but the last state to join was New Mexico, which I don’t see as solidly Democratic. Perhaps the Republicans will return to trying to solve our problems one day. We can hope. In the meantime, we praise those states and wonder when Virginia is going to join this group of forward-looking states. I’m a little disappointed that we already haven’t as it’s the right thing to do.

The president bragged last week that former first lady Barbara Bush should have been angry at him because of “what he did to her sons.” Such arrogance and ignorance must be addressed. Barbara Bush, like any mother, treasured her sons, but her ire was primarily directed at Donald Trump because of what he and his cult followers have done to the Republican Party she treasured. I no longer even recognize the party of Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower when I see those who are presently destroying the citizenry and environment to add to the riches of their richest supporters. From eliminating the regulations on workplace safety to advocating climate-killing fossil fuel production everywhere, the Trump administration is a wrecking ball of anything good.

The present Republican Party seemingly wants to make sure the American people are kept in the dark by fighting to keep the president’s tax returns out of the media. Wonder why? Because Trump is probably guilty of decades of doing anything but paying his fair share? He considers himself smarter than all those law-abiding, tax-paying citizens. He got millions in tax relief for his projects. Now it is it looks as if he is using his office for personal gain, a definite crime under the Constitution. Yet his party is going to keep his tax returns from the populace, seemingly institutionalizing the crime he has committed. I’m ashamed of every one of you.

And last week, several members of the Mueller team have complained that Attorney General William Barr wasn’t completely truthful in his summation of the report. Surprise, surprise. Folks, the only reason he got the AG job was because he was going to protect “The Don.” If you view the Trump administration as a criminal enterprise, it is much easier to understand.

My final comment this week is an admission to not using much of our present technology and living a full life without it. It can be done. I do not use Amazon to shop. I never used Facebook, Instagram or any of the other social media platforms that seek to profit from his life. I try to never use Google but rather use a lesser known and more private search engine. And this week, with Boeing’s admissions, I’m glad I’ve never boarded an aircraft since 2005. We live in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. We need to do better right here.



A Democratic plot?

The Republican political leadership in Virginia apparently has yet to figure out what they would propose to Virginians to be the 2019 Republican Virginia campaign platform. It is foolish to not recognize that unless elected Republican candidates represent some common legislative agenda, the Democratic agenda will prevail. The Republican Party of Virginia is placing those opposed to the intents of Democratic policies with two bad choices. They can blindly vote Republican or stay home.

Why is the Republican Party of Virginia silent about one of the most destructive state legislative actions moving across the nation? The Democratic Party has, since 2007, been acquiring state legislature votes to silently terminate our Founders’ concept of a nation of sovereign states governed by its people. The “National Popular Vote Interstate Compact” has already been approved by 14 states and the District of Columbia with several more states having pending legislation. The purpose of this legislation is to circumvent the intent of the Constitution to recognize the political stature of the sovereign states in the election of the president. The compact states agree to collectively vote in the Electoral College for the winner of the presidential popular vote and not the vote of the residents of the state.

Is all of the anti-Trump political action today really just a smoke screen to hide the real Democratic campaign methodology to remove President Trump from office in 2020? There are currently 189 Electoral College votes already pledged to the compact. California, New York and Illinois are three of the biggest in Electoral College vote count. When the number hits 270, the game is over. The politicians win; the people loose.

Virginians need to understand that this 2019 General Assembly election may really be about the “National Popular Vote Interstate Compact” Democratic sponsors’ campaign to defeat Trump in 2020.



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