The Nelson County Board of Supervisors passed a correction to the tax relief ordinance clarifying what is and isn’t covered in the original measure.

The emergency ordinance, which supervisors passed April 15, as it is originally written exempts the collection and assessment of personal property taxes on motor vehicles and the machinery and tools tax payable for the first half of 2020.

That wording now has been changed to reflect that while residents are exempt from having to pay their personal property and machinery and tools taxes for the first half of the year, residents in Nelson County still are required to pay the annual motor vehicle license fee and the any personal property taxes on mobile homes.

The correction to the ordinance does not change the amount of tax relief being provided by the county, which is more than $2 million.

Supervisors unanimously approved the correction to the ordinance during the board’s April 30 meeting.

Nick Cropper covers Nelson County. Reach him at (434) 385-5522.

Nick Cropper covers Nelson County. Reach him at (434) 385-5522.

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