Nelson County Dog of the Week


Cletus, is approximately 3 years old. He weighs 51 pounds, has long, silky ears, and a very friendly demeanor welcoming and encouraging attention. He attends Wintergreen festivals and is always the star of the show loving interacting with kids. He is so handsome everyone admires him. He very much wants to be someone’s house hound. He readily sits for treats, accepts them with a very gentle mouth, and he even lets you take treats away from him, without protesting. He is very clean in his room at the shelter. Cletus has a lot of energy and, on a daily basis, needs a safe and secure outlet for it. He would do best with a very active family and a big fenced yard where he can run. He would also enjoy having a dog buddy to run and play with. Because of his enthusiasm, he is probably too energetic for small children, even though he really likes kids.

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