Nelson County dog of the week


Benjamin, a cute little 2-year-old brindle beagle/feist mix weighing 30 lbs. is an athlete at heart. He can spring into the air from a sit and kiss you on the cheek. He has a cute little smile that shows his front teeth when he’s excited and he can “chitter” his teeth. He’s very friendly and wants to be around people. His owners moved and couldn’t take him with them. Benjamin is a fence climber, so he can’t be left unattended in yards. That’s not really a problem though because he walks great on a leash. He would make a great hiking or jogging partner. He is not a fan of being held for toenail trims or taking his temperature. As with all dogs, interactions with children should be monitored closely as Benjamin’s energy and feisty nature may not be a good mix with children who don’t understand canine boundaries.

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