Nelson County Cat of the Week


Stella, a Siamese, chocolate point, spayed female, born in June of 2012 with blue eyes with flecks of green, is an attention-getter. Just as a fine wine gets better with age, so does a chocolate point Siamese. Her coloring will grow richer, darker and more eye-catching. She was adopted as a kitten and lived in a home until her caregiver developed health issues and had to return her. Now she yearns for human companionship. She’ll sit next to you and enjoy head and ear massages or roll over and let you rub her belly (a significant sign of trust). Due to a previous bladder infection you’ll need to feed Stella, Royal Canin Urinary food to prevent any issue from redeveloping. She needs to have her claws monitored and trimmed every two weeks. She is not good with dogs, cats or children.

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