It was in the second quarter Jan. 23, with 6:11 left on the clock, when Houston Carter scored his seventh point against Appomattox and his world came to a brief stop. 

Well, the game clock stopped at that mark so the Nelson senior could be honored for scoring his 1,000th point for the green and gold.

Carter's face had the look of a shy kid that just walked into his own surprise party.

In fact, Govs coach Brian Wilson had to give his player a little nudge to go out on the court so fans could celebrate the milestone and so Carter could receive the game ball from NCHS athletic director Greg Mullins along with Wilson.

"When it first happened I was kind of confused because I didn’t know exactly what was going on," said Carter. "But when coach came up to me and told me I had just scored my 1,000th point, it was a great feeling, but to me it was also a great relief to finally reach that mark."

Carter's teammates gave him hugs and applause. Then, the game at hand resumed.

Before last week's big bucket came for Carter, the senior had a few low-scoring games that prolonged the accomplishment.

Had Carter been thinking about the magic mark of 1,000 points?

Going into the game against Appomattox, Carter needed seven points to reach 1,000. He ended with 29.

"To be honest, the 1,000-point mark has been on my mind since before the season even started," said Carter. "I was coming into my senior year with some high expectations and I knew I was close, so it had been on my mind since our workouts started in the fall. "

Carter played the game hard like he always does, including handing out assists that could have easily got him the needed points.

Carter also went full blast on defense, hustling and keeping pressure on the Raiders.

"Houston is a special young man that has been a part of this program for the duration of my time at Nelson," Wilson said. "When I met him as a freshman and he told me he didn't think he could play varsity, I looked at him and told him he was wrong and it was my job to see what he could be and not where he is. He bought in and has contributed heavily every year. He is an awesome leader and has had an amazing career well deserved of his 1,000. "

Carter;s scoring break down is as follows:

freshman season: 182;

sophomore season: 308;

junior season: 320; and

current senior season: 212.

"Surpassing 1,000 points for a career is something Houston should be very proud of," said Mullins. "It is a testament to his work ethic during his time at Nelson County and also his commitment to the Nelson County basketball program. His teammates and coaches also played a big part in the accomplishment and should be proud of their contributions as well."

When all the hoopla ended, the Govs went on to defeat the Raiders in the Dogwood District contest.

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