Rockfish Valley Community Center. File photo

Firefly Fiber Broadband is offering free wireless internet in three locations in Nelson County, according to a May 1 announcement.

The release states the free hot spots are located throughout the county and and are available for to use by residents.

Through a partnership with the county, hot spots are located at Rockfish Valley Community Center in Afton and the Faber Fire Department in Faber. A free hot spot also is being offered at the Central Virginia Electric Cooperative in Colleen. Firefly is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CVEC.

“Firefly recognizes that the need for internet access is even greater than ever while schools are out and so many professionals are working from home,” Firefly President and CEO Gary Wood said in the release. “We have the ability to help our community by offering free wireless internet hot spots and we are committed to doing so during this challenging time.”

Nick Cropper covers Nelson County. Reach him at (434) 385-5522.

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