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The Virginia Distillery Company in Lovingston. File photo

Lovingston-based Virginia Distillery Company celebrated its recent feature on local TV last Thursday, when PBS made the young distillery the focus of its “Made in Virginia” show.

The show takes viewers on an inside tour of products made in the commonwealth. The feature on Virginia Distillery Company gives a behind-the-scenes look at the company’s production of its American Single Malt Whisky.

During a celebration of the PBS feature last Thursday, Virginia Distillery Company CEO Gareth Moore said when he and the company were approached about being featured in the series, he felt like the opportunity constituted “a match made in heaven.”

“We really are proud of our name, and we try to leverage Virginia whenever we can,” Moore said. “[We thought], ‘You want to tell people about products made in Virginia? Well, so do we.”

As he thanked partners from across the commonwealth, which make possible different finishes of the Virginia Distillery Company’s whisky by providing cider, coffee or wine barrels, Moore remarked about the success the company’s enjoyed since its opening two years ago.

“In two years, we’ve come a long way,” Moore said. “… We’ve welcomed tens of thousands of folks here to the visitors center to show off our product and give people tours of the facility. We’ve filled our warehouses with now over 2,000 casks … and we’ve also expanded our distribution from a few nearby states to now over 14 states.”

Moore credited the people who work with the distillery for making its success possible.

“It’s not stills or machinery or mountains or the climate that creates the products,” he said. “It’s really the human resources, and that’s what we’re really proud of here at Virginia Distillery Company.”

Also during last week’s reception, Virginia’s Secretary of Commerce and Trade Todd Haymore said Virginia Distillery Company produces “some of the finest whisky made in America.”

He said given the rise of distilleries in the commonwealth — the number of distilleries has nearly quadrupled in the past seven years — he wouldn’t be surprised to take see Virginia soon lead the country in such facilities.

“I think we’re on the cusp of reclaiming the title of the best spirits makers in America,” Haymore said. “… Kentucky and Tennessee won’t know what him them.”

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