Tresca on 8th for trends story

A couple shares a kiss at Tresca on 8th in downtown Lynchburg. Owner Robin Mays says trends she's seen lately include more fresh greenery in centerpieces, rectangle tables instead of rounds and assorted desserts or doughnut displays in addition to the traditional wedding cake. 

There are lots of opportunities for personalization at your wedding, from flowers to cakes to décor. 

We asked local venue owners and managers what trends they’ve noticed brides and grooms gravitating toward as they plan their big days. Here’s what some of them had to say:

“A lot of girls have started doing first looks with their dads, moms, brothers, grandparents, siblings, etc. It allows the bride to have the emotional first look experience with someone special without altering the aisle experience with the groom.

“I would say there have been a handful of ladies who have had a private last dance while everyone else gathers outside for the sparkler exit. It is always so sweet!”

– Lindsey Thompson, venue director of Sorella Farms in Evington

“I’m seeing a lot more all-white weddings and neutral tones. Geometrics have been getting big also. Pampas grass. Oversized, asymmetrical bouquets, [the] farmhouse look.”

– Teresa Clayton, owner of Glencliff Manor in Rustburg

“One of the new trends we are seeing is brides incorporating more fresh greenery for centerpieces, and using rectangle tables instead of rounds for guest tables. We have also noticed brides incorporating assorted desserts or doughnut displays as well as offering the traditional wedding cake.”

– Robin Mays, owner of Tresca on 8th in downtown Lynchburg

“The overall trend I am seeing is Bespoke Weddings. My bride wants the wedding to reflect her and her fiancé and not be something another bride would do. So food choices seem to be a bit more unique with food trucks, doughnuts instead of cake, Mexican food. All seem to be in the running.

“Another trend is that venues need to have an on-site ceremony location, few brides are marrying in churches these days. Lastly, bride participation is up — where they are having a DIY celebration or [are] involved in all steps of the party planning. Brides and grooms are very involved in the entire wedding celebration process.”

– Rebekah Moody, owner of Southern Provisions Company in Lynchburg

“The one thing I think of most when it comes to trends is the doughnut cart. Cake doesn't seem to be important anymore.”

– Candice Sulzbach, event coordinator, florist and landscape manager at Pharsalia in Tyro

“[A] rehearsal dinner [that’s a] close, intimate dinner with family and the bridal party, then inviting all wedding guests to a welcome reception post-dinner. Strolling receptions versus a sit-down dinner [with] action stations set up throughout the room, and the event is more of an extended cocktail hour with the focus on mingling.

“Late night snacks! After dinner and cake has concluded, it is time for drinks and dancing. Late night snacks such as chicken and waffle bites [and a] sliders and fry station are all the rage.”

– Shelley Simpson, director of sales at The Virginian Hotel in downtown Lynchburg

“We have seen a trend in cookie bars and very traditional wedding cakes. Pastel bridesmaid dress colors are very popular right now [as well as] 15 to 20 minute wedding ceremonies. Greenery seems to be going out, and fuller florals seem to be making a comeback. Live bands seem to be picking up popularity as well.”

– Megan Boyd, marketing director and social media manager of Glass Hill Venue in Goode

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