Property transfers

Amherst County

Deeds recorded:

Daryl L. and Wanda C. Beverly to Toni J. Lusk. Lot 8, section 4, Lamont Acres, $240,000

Brian W. and Rebecca L. Estabrook to Shannon L. Brown and Esther Delores James-Brown. Lots 57B, 57C, block B, Lakeview Subdivision, $158,500

Wesley M. and Jenna B. Churchman to Margaret Day Reedy and Rosalie S. Reedy. Lot 1, 0.941 acres, Blu-Vu Manor, $217,500

Erleen L. Nicholson to Bonnie H. Gooding. Parcel B, Town of Amherst, 1.014 acres, $249,000

Rivers Realty LLC to Cutting Edge Construction LLC. Lot 17, Abee Manor, $24,900

Robert M. and Gay Smith to Edward J. and Kayla M. Donald. Lot 10, Sugar Mill, Elon District, $215,000

Daniel Gottlieb and Jane Haxby to Erie J. and Katherine A. Ferguson. New lot 4A, West Briarwood, $235,000

Rebecca B. Lipscomb to Holly Michelle and Robert Lee Fisher II. Lot 6A, 0.873 acres, Elon District, $245,900

Appomattox County

Deeds recorded:

Matthew Tyler McArthur to Amanda E. and Edward D. Howard III. Lot 6, Stonewall Meadows Subdivision, Stonewall District, $234,900

Robert C. Stephens Jr. to Ashley D. McCormick. Parcel, 1 acre, Va. 26, $90,000

James N Long and Michelle L. Long to Michael Angel and Terry Angel. Lot 3, Deer Run Farms, section HI, Stonewall District, $24,000

Beth Bollinger Frady to Joanne Harrington. Lots 13 and 14, section B, Hickory Grove Acres, Cloverhill District, $144,500

Christopher Michael Booth to Carrie Ann Woolwine. Lot 5, Benjamin Estates Subdivision, Stonewall District, $149,000

Bedford County

Deeds recorded:

Thomas J. and Sharon P. Ranney to James N. and Kimberly D. Gianopoulos. Lot 22, Virginia Ridge, Blue Ridge District, $295,000

Mark A. Melius and Crystal G. Melius to Bradford Postles Jr. and Kimberly Postles. Lot 2, The View Point, Lakes District, $259,000

Kevin R. Gresham and Kimberly A. Gresham to James Martin and Sierra Martin. Parcel 1, Mill Iron Road, 2.205 acres, parcel 2, lot 1-A, 0.225 acres, and additional parcel, 0.225 acres, Blue Ridge District, $254,200

Walter L. and Nancy J. Joyce to Dale Edward Eaton. Lot 5 and revised lot 6, block 1, East View Subdivision, 2.929 acres, Lakes District, $242,500

Jackson A. and Melanie K. Weaver to Philip A. and Kristen Joy Jarabeck. Lot 82, section 3, Village East Subdivision, Lakes District, $207,000

Jonathan M. Holland to Caleb J. and Rebecca L. McDonald. Parcel, 1.002 acres, new lot 1, Lakes District, $169,950

Roger L. Dalton and Joyce M. Dalton to Randy L. Wade and Jennifer Macleod. Tract 8, section 3, Scenic Acres, Blue Ridge District, $145,000

Kevin M. Cooper to Colleen Long Sweeny and Seth David Hogan. Parcel, 25, section III, block B, 14.009 acres, Lakes District, $35,000

Huddleston Community Church Inc. to Joshua R. and Tiffany D. Lambert. Lot 15, Colvin Acres, Lakes District, $30,000

David A. and Pamela A. Sparks to Frank T. and Linda A. Knapp. Lot 11, section 2, Woodshire, Blue Ridge District, $25,000

Robert L. Ayers and Opal L. Crowell to Kenneth N. Jones. Parcel, 1.850 acres, Beaver Dam, Blue Ridge District, $18,000

Campbell County

Deeds recorded:

Kendall Townhomes LLC to LDJ Realty Inc. Lot 23 and 24 block II, section IB, Altavista, $210,000

Tuesday L. and Blakeley C. Hunt to Trevor Marcus and Jane Euna Johnson. Lot 13, block 7, section 1, Rainbow Forest, $189,900

Bryan H. Mitchell nd Yvette A. Mitchell to CMH Homes Inc. Parcel 3, Va. 797, 3 acres, Patrick Henry District, $62,700

Jeffrey E. Maiewski to Kristin Davies-Dombrowski. Lot 8, section 2, Carter’s Crossing, 4230,500

Donna Leigh Franklin to DeVentures LLC. Parcel, 13.510 acres, Long Mountain District, $320,000

Miller Homes Inc. to Robert L. Dobbs and Jo A. Douglas-Dobbs. Lot 1, Leewood Estates, $433,521.76

Eagle Feather Properties LLC to Michael K. Reynolds. Part of lot 4, Altavista, $120,000

Derek L. and Tonda B. Lee to Alan J. Elizabeth M. Faircloth. Lot 2, section IV, Jefferson Gardens, $226,000

Victor M. and Martha P. Gosnell to Jared D. and Kimberly M. Smith. Lot 6, section 1A, Wildwood, $223,000

Larry H. and Carolyn W. Smith to Anne B. and Franklin T. Greene II. Tract 1, 5.749 acres, Long Mountain District, $25,000

Christopher Michael and Suzanne Pfeiffer to Mitchell A. and Morgan L. Hanson. Lot 3, Howards Manor Subdivision, $215,000

City of Lynchburg

Deeds recorded:

T.P.B. Enterprises LLC to Suling Gao. Lot 9, block G, Cornerstone Subdivision, $182,900

The St. Curling Group LLC to NE Holdings LLC. Lot 5, block 3, Fair Grounds Addition, $16,500

James R. Martson Jr. and Carl A. Weiser to NE Holdings LLC. 1413 Jackson St., $16,500

Carl Ablbert Weister and James R. Marston Jr. to NE Holdings LLC. 712 Norwood St., $16,000

Ronald W. and Gina C. Smith to Liberty Properties and Management LLC. 913 Ninth St. and 1701 Kentucky Ave., $21,000

Joshua Keith and Lindsey Diane Rose to Kevin M. Kelnic. Part of lot 35 and lots 36 and 37, block 5, Golf Park Subdivision, $153,000

Phillip L. and Vickie B. Moore to Lindie A. Honsberger. Building 2, unit 205, Parkside Grande Condominium, $116,000

Michael B. and Merrie Melissa Fox to Edwige Camm Knight. 2107 Link Road, 4315,000

Alan J. and Elizabeth M. Faircloth to Stephen P. and Olga Nelson. Lot 7, Doral Acres Subdivision, $190,000

Timothy L. and Pauline J. Osborne to Sharon F. Curtin. Unit 7, Heritage Condominium, $175,000

Stephen A. and Orkhon Janchir Bowman to Seth M. and Noelle L. King. Lots 25-27, block 1, Peakland Heights Addition, $199,900

Landen J. and Patrice S. Braxton to Brittany E, Griffith. Lot 24, block 2, Fort Hill Bower Park Subdivision, $123,000

AZ Homes LLC to Brody P. Taylor and Brittani N. Kesler. Lot 49, Stuart Heights Subdivision, $105,700

Donald A. Ash and Ruth C. Ash to Joel and Natalya C. Fernando. Lot 25, block 17, section 2, West Lynchburg Co. Subdivision, $144,000

Belem Investments LLC to Bonita O. Kinnaird. Lot 26, section 1, Chestnut Hill Subdivision, $94,000

Sue D. Breeding to James J. Moodie and Bettie-Jeanne Jorgensen Moodie. Lot 1, block 5, Fort Hill Addition, $155,900

Kevin M. And Mandy C. Whiting to Madeline Marie Yeatts. Lot 8, block 5, Glenwood Addition, $72,500

Building permits

Amherst County

Richard Hanson, 2229 North Amherst Highway, tents, $4,138

Robert Langstaff, 132 School Road, standby generator, $15,000

Julia Carwile, 1670 Cedar Gate Road, carbon fiber strips, $12,902

Randall May, 1797 River Road, pole barn, $12,000

James Dolan Jr., 270 Riverville Road, new dwelling, $232,709

Jewel Cook, 224 Oakland Dr., renovation, $75,000

Elaine Moss, 105 Robinhood Place, wall anchors for foundation, $13,902

Monelison Vol. Fire Dept. Inc., 133 Amer Circle, replacement roof, $30,000

Walter Smiley Jr., 557 Hartless Road, add bathroom, $18,000

Ebenezer Baptist Church, 882 Ebenezer Road, roof, $4,285

Amherst County School Board, 139 Lancer Lane, outdoor classroom, $20,000

Jeffrey Kidd, 199 Oak Grove Dr., garage, $20,000

John Maynard, 197 Alcock Road, solar modules and installation, $77,693

Kendall Parr, lot 105A Parrtown Road, new dwelling, $300,990

Mark Burch, 179 Falling Creek Road, addition, $50,965

Hannah Wright, 381 Main St., renovation, $10,000

Carolyn Folkers, 3747 Elon Road, tent, $1,350

Joseph Ragland, 158 Woodvue Dr., porch, $2,000

Amherst County, 153 Washington St., renovation, $35,800

John Leary, 920 Geddes Mountain Road, addition, $50,000

Douglas Hakey, 252 Doe Ridge Lane, antennas for cell tower, $30,000

William Witt Jr., Crawleys Creek, new dwelling, $80,000

AFJ Inc., 320 Main St., new bathroom, $23,000