Details for Amherst County Request for Proposals


AMHERST COUNTY PUBLIC PRIVATE EDUCATION ACT (PPEA) SOLICITATION SOLID WASTE TRANSFER STATION & CONVENIENCE CENTERS AMHERST, VIRGINIA Amherst County is soliciting PPEA proposals for the construction of a solid waste transfer station which will consist of an approximately 8,600 square foot metal operations building, grading for the building, the construction of approximately 1600 linear feet of roadway (24 feet wide) and associated linear access roads and parking areas for the trailers and operations equipment. In addition, the County is seeking proposals for the construction of two (2) solid waste convenience centers at separate sites within the county. A pre-proposal meeting shall be held on July 23, 2019 at 10am in the conference room of the Amherst County Administration building located at 153 Washington Street, Amherst, Virginia 24521 at which additional details shall be provided regarding the proposed project as well as specific requirements for the PPEA submission process. Proposals for the referenced project shall be received in the Office of the Amherst County Procurement Officer, located at 153 Washington Street, Amherst, Virginia, 24521 and to the attention of David Proffitt, until 2:00pm, local prevailing time, on August 23, 2019. "PPEA Proposals for Amherst County Solid Waste Transfer Station & Solid Waste Convenience Centers" shall be clearly written on the outside of the sealed envelope and/or other enclosure. Proposals must be prepared and submitted with the required information and in the format as outlined in the Amherst County PPEA Guidelines. Requests for copies of the Performance Specifications and all questions related to the project shall be directed to C. William Gillespie Jr., MRG Consulting, LLC. Contact information -- 434/841/2671 or . All contractors and design professionals submitting joint proposals for this project shall be appropriately licensed as such in the Commonwealth of Virginia.