Details for Notice of Judicial Sale of Real Property


Notice Judicial Sale of Real Property On April 27, 2020, the firm of Shrader & Goad Law Office, Counsel for the County of Amherst, Virginia, will commence proceedings in the Circuit Court of Amherst County, Virginia under authority of ยง58.1 3965 et seq. of the Code of Virginia to sell the following parcel of real estate for payment of delinquent taxes: Tax Parcel 64-A-56A: Located in the County of Amherst, Courthouse Magisterial District, containing 4.668 acres, more or less; last owner of record Eddie R. Crawford. Investors: This notice is required prior to filing suit; it is not a notice of auction. Auction can only occur upon the entry of a Court Order. Auction notices will be placed on the County's website and published at such time.