Details for Danville-Pittsylvania MPO Citizens Information Meeting


CITIZENS INFORMATION MEETING NOTICE The Danville-Pittsylvania Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) has initiated the process of updating its Long Range Transportation Plan for the City of Danville and surrounding urbanized portions of Pittsylvania County. The MPO long range transportation plan is multi-modal and considers all forms of transportation, including highways, transit service, bicycle and pedestrian routes, rail access and air travel. The plan update began in March 2019 and will be completed in August 2020, allowing time to evaluate the existing plan, conduct a robust public input process, weigh projects based on local goals, and identify a final list of priority projects intended to advance transportation and development in the region. The process of developing the study over the next 18 months will include various opportunities for citizen involvement the first of which will be an open house which will be held on Thursday, June 27th from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm at the Pepsi Building located at 661 Craghead St., Danville. Citizens are invited and encouraged to express comments as the planning process continues. Informational displays and materials will be available at the open house and both staff and project consultants will be available to answer questions. Interested persons can learn more about the long range plan update by visiting the website Questions regarding the upcoming meeting may be addressed to David Hoback, Danville MPO Administrator, c/o West Piedmont Planning District, 276-638-3987, The Danville MPO is committed to nondiscrimination and equal employment in all programs and activities consistent with Title VI and VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. If you need more information in regard to your civil rights related to this planning process or special assistance for persons with disabilities or limited English proficiency desiring to attend this meeting, please contact the Danville MPO as listed above.