Details for Appomattox County School Board Public Notice


Public Notice Invitation for Competing PPEA Proposals -- Additions and Renovations to Appomattox County High School The Appomattox County School Board hereby provides notice of acceptance for further review of an Unsolicited Proposal Pursuant to the Public-Private Education Facilities and Infrastructure Act of 2002 (PPEA). The Board (i) has received and accepted an unsolicited proposal under the PPEA, (ii) intends to evaluate the proposal, (iii) may negotiate an interim or comprehensive agreement with the proposer based on the proposal, and (iv) will accept for simultaneous consideration any competing proposals that comply with the procedures adopted by the Board and the PPEA. The proposed qualifying project is to construct additions and renovations to Appomattox County High School, as more fully explained in the proposal submitted by Jamerson-Lewis Construction, Inc. on April 27, 2020. Any parties that may be interested in submitting competing proposals shall have forty-five (45) days from the date the notice is first published, April 27, 2020, to submit their proposal. Representatives of the Board familiar with the unsolicited proposal and the Board's guidelines shall be available to respond to inquiries and meet with private entities that are considering the submission of a competing proposal. Inquiries and proposals should be directed to Dr. Annette Bennett, Division Superintendent, Appomattox County Public Schools, 316 Court Street, Appomattox, Virginia, 24522; non-proprietary portions of the proposals are available for inspection at that location.